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$50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story
50K and a Call Girl
Directed By Seth Grossman
Written By Seth Grossman, Ross Patterson
Cast Ross Patterson, Asher Roth, Jessie Wiseman, Kelly Curran
Produced By Tristan Drew, Ivan Victor, J.P. McMahon, Ross Patterson, Paloma Felisberto Bilson
Film Editing By Meghan Holmes
Cinematography By Jato C. Smith
Music By Peter Bateman, Shay Raviv

Street Justice Films


United States



Release Date

January 14, 2014


90 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By




  • Ross Patterson as Ross
  • Jessie Wiseman as Carly
  • Seth Grossman as Seth
  • Lauren Aboulafia as Lauren
  • Asher Roth as Asher
  • Susan Ateh as Cindy
  • Al Carabello as Jesse Winchester
  • Kelly Curran as Kelly
  • Keena Ferguson as Penelope
  • Rene Moran as Alejandro Garcia
  • Bob Rumnock as Dr. Foxman
  • Phil Seas as Paul Masterdonno
  • Jato C. Smith as Jato
  • Randy Stift as The John
  • Sara Weinshenk as Megan Brown




$50K and a Call Girl A Love Story Official Trailer (HD) Drama02:05

$50K and a Call Girl A Love Story Official Trailer (HD) Drama

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