The Returned 1
Season 1, Episode 1
General Information
Series The Returned
Air date 26 Nov 2012
Written by Nicolas Peufallit, Fabrice Gobert, Emmanuel Carrère
Directed by Fabrice Gobert
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-- Simon
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A bus crashes and 38 students are killed. Four years later, the dead are returning back to life without the memory of them ever dying.

Plot Summary

Camille and Léna are twins who live in a mountainous town. One day, Léna fakes being sick to stay home so she can sleep with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Camille is forced to go on a field trip. While on the bus, she begins to feel uneasy and demands to get off the bus. The bus driver spots a boy in the road and attempts to stop the bus. However, he is unable to. The bus crashes and 38 students die from the crash. Four years later, Camille wakes up and returns without memory of the incident. Camille's mother, Claire is shocked to see her daughter alive and calls her lover, Pierre, and her ex husband, Jerome, for support. They find Camille in her home and are left speechless. At a bar, Léna is drinking with a couple friends. A man named Simon approaches her and asks her where to find a woman named Adèle.

Léna leads him to Adèle's new home. Simon knocks on the door and calls for Adèle. But Adèle does not want to see him. She still believes that he is dead. After the incident, she believes that she is being haunted by Simon's memories again. Elsewhere, a woman named Julie is followed by the boy who appeared in front of the bus years ago. Julie reluctantly takes the boy into her home. There, Julie is unable to get a word out of the boy except that his name is Victor, a name she had given him. Mr. Costa, a man Julie takes care of, is sitting at home until he is visited by someone he knows who had returned from the dead. She restrains her and sets the house on fire. Afterward, he commits suicide by leaping off a dam. In Camille's home, Léna returns to find that her sister is alive and well despite being dead for four years.

Camille realizes that she is dead because her twin sister is four years older. Their sobbing then brings their family around them. At the bar, a waitress named Lucy returns home. As they walks through a tunnel, she is attacked by a man and stabbed to death.


Pierre: [To Camille]What do you think madness is? Should I tell you? denying reality. Sometimes it's the only option when reality is too hard to accept...we would rather go mad...or pretend that we are...It's a strategy and I don't think you're one of those people.


  • In Julie's home, there is a poster for The Exorcist.