Carrie discovers that her surveillance set-up on Brody might not be as well thought-out as she had assumed; an undercover agent provides a possible Saudi Arabian connection with Abu Nazir.

Plot Summary

Nick continues to struggle with adjusting to civilian life. To add to his troubles, Nick has to tolerate the media coverage surrounding him since his return. Eventually he has a meltdown where he punches a news reporter after the man trespasses on Nick's property. After that, Nick disappears off the radar and heads to a hardware store. Meanwhile, Carries receives information from Lynne Reed, her informant who is undercover as a escort to a foreign prince, that the prince had a meeting with Abu Nazir. Excited by the news, Carrie quickly relays the new back to David Estes. Carries asks David to give Lynne extra protection. However, David denies her request and instead gives her a microchip so Lynne can download the contents of the prince's phone. Carrie is disgusted, but she follows David's orders.

At a hotel, Carrie arranges a meeting between Lynne and her. In the bathroom, she quickly passes the chip. After giving Lynne the chip, Carrie visits her sister for pills to help with her condition. Nick soon resurfaces and heads home. At night, he heads to the garage where he furls the rug he had bought from the hardware store. He then prays like a Muslim with his head facing the sun. The next day, he approaches the reporters and declares that he is open to interviews. Carrie sees this on the news and calls Saul, telling him that Nick is playing the "hero card."


  • This episode references the death of Osama Bin Laden. This episode was produced during the time that Osama Bin Laden was killed in 2011.

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