The Brody family begins to unravel in the lead-up to a television interview; Carrie's CIA team inches ever closer to understanding Abu Nazir's plot.

Plot Summary

After having sex, Lynne downloads the contents of Prince Farid's phone while he is distracted by an associate. Then she gives Carrie the chip under the guise of going out for a swim. Later that night, Lynne is given a special mission by the prince to entertain a client. When Lynne goes into the alleyway, she is assassinated by the chauffeur. The chauffeur then takes Lynne's necklace she had been given and takes off. Carrie, who had heard Lynne's distressed lea for help earlier, heads to Lynne's location only to find her dead. Carrie is then forced to lie what about Lynne's secret life to her parents in the name of national security. Carrie confides in Saul after seeing Lynne's parents at the morgue. Saul suggests that the necklace Lynne had was a dead drop to transfer money.

Nick is interviewed about his experience while being held in captivity. In the first part of the interview, Nick describes how his tormentors had tried to break his will. It is then that he remembers how Abu Nazir had saved him from the torture and had given him food. Meanwhile, Dana admits to her mother that she knows about her mother's relation with Mike. Later, Nick shows her a lock that he and Jessica had put on a fence to symbolize their wiliness to be together forever. Nick then asks Dana to give her mother some slack. In family part of the interview, Dana speaks up and tells the reporter how glad she is to have her dad back. The episode ends with a couple who buys a house near the airport with the money made by bartered from Lynne's necklace.

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