Brody's status as "national hero" brings attention from politicians; Carrie is further consumed with her attempts to link Brody with Abu Nazir; Saul sends Carrie after Nazir's finances.

Plot Summary

After becoming a more public figure, Brody is visiting troops to give them encouragement. At the same time, Brody is being vetted for the vice president candidacy by the current vice president. At the CIA, Carrie briefs the organization on a new operation. She believes that the person who took the necklace may be using a local laundromat to transfer the money. David Estes approves a operation to follow suspects who have done business with the laundromat. On the side, Estes has a man named Danny follow Carrie to find out whether she is running another operation. After the meeting, Saul forces Carrie to remove all the surveillance devices in Brody's home. Though Carrie disagrees, she complies with his demand when the Brodys are out of the house.

One day, Danny and Carrie follow a man named Raqim Faisel from his job. Before Raqim reaches his hideout, his wife is alerted by telephone that Raqim is being followed. She warns Raqim using a signal by placing the American flag outside the house. Raqim sends the night away from the hideout and averts further CIA suspicion. Meanwhile, Brody becomes more suspicious that Jessica and Jessica and Mike may be more than just friends. At a coming home party, Brody watches as Mike talks to Jessica. Then out of the blue, Brody shoots in front of the guests. Fed up with Brody, Jessica tells him that Brody has to seek help or she will leave him. Brody signs up for a veterans support group. While going to that group, he is tailed by Carrie, who is unsatisfied that Brody is not under surveillance.

At the meeting, Carrie bumps into Brody. They talk for a moment before Carrie realizes what she is doing is a mistake. Brody follows her into the parking lot where they make a connection. Then Carrie leaves him to his support group.

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