Brody confronts a captured insurgent with ties to Abu Nazir; the CIA runs down a new lead after tracking down funds from a stolen necklace.

Plot Summary

Saul picks up his wife, Mira, from the airport. Before he has much time to spend with her, he is called back to Langley for a special assignment. The CIA tells him that they have picked up Afsal Hamid, a survivor from the safehouse where the CIA found Brody. After getting briefed, Saul tells Carrie that they are going to interrogate Afsal with Brody's help. Brody is picked up at his home and driven to a secret location. There, he provides information about Afsal, his former bodyguard while he was imprisoned by Abu Nazir. The interrogation is successful. Several hours later, Afsal provides the names of several members in Abu Nazir's group and an e-mail address. The CIA traces traces the e-mail back to Raqim Faisel, confirming that he is linked to Abu Nazir.Virgil searches Faisel's office and finds Faisel's real address.

Carrie orders agents to storm the house, but Raqim and his wife have fled the house. Brody visits David Estes and asks to see Afsal so he can find closure. David grants Brody's request. Brody confronts his torture and gets into a fight with Afsal after the man spits in his face. Later, Saul finds Afsal dying from cutting his wrists. Carrie reviews the security tape and conclude that Brody could have sneaked in a razor blade. Saul does not believe her and they have an argument that ends in Carrie storming out of the house. Carrie goes to her sister's home when she starts breaking down emotionally and stays there for the night. Meanwhile, Brody apologizes to his son for missing his karate class because he was meeting with Afsal that day. At Saul's home, Mira tells Saul that she is moving away from him because she wants to set down her roots.

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