The CIA mandates polygraph tests for all involved after the deaths of key suspects in the Nazir plot; the relationship between Brody and Carrie becomes more complicated as Saul's relationship with his wife is strained.

Plot Summary

Raqim and Aileen make their way to a safe house after fleeing their home. However, they find that the house is rigged to explode and that their allies are now planning to kill them. They take shelter in a motel, but even there, they are not safe. Raqim is murdered by assailants doing a drive by. With no choice, Aileen makes an escape though a back window. At Langley,Carrie suggests in a meeting that the CIA should polygraph all those came into contact with Afsal to find out who passed the razor blade. Saul fails this test because he is stressed when he takes it. At Tom Walker's funeral, Brody gives a stirring speech. Then after the funeral, there is a reception. One clearly drunk soldier named Lauder begins questioning how Walker really died. Then he crosses the line when he mentions someone had an affair with Jessica.

Mike punches him and Brody realizes that Mike was the one who had an affair. Brody punches Mike a few times before leaving to get drunk at a bar. He calls Carrie at the bar. Carrie comes to the bar after she finds out his location. Then the two have a few drinks before heading to the parking lot. Both drunk, Carrie and Brody then have have sex in her car. While drunk, Carrie accidentally blurts out a key questioning in the polygraph test. The next day, Saul passes the test and it is Brody's turn. Brody passes the test with ease. Surprised that the test did not indicate that Brody lied about giving the razor blade, Carrie inserts another question to see whether Brody was unfaithful to his wife. The test fails to pick up that Brody lied. After the test, Brody asks Carrie to get in his car.

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