The relationship between Carrie and Brody becomes more complicated when they head into the countryside for the weekend, while Mike and Jessica face the fallout of the truth about their relationship, and Saul catches Aileen on the run to Mexico.

Plot Summary

Brody drives Carrie to a bar so they could do a bar dive. At the bar, a neo-Nazi attempts to flirt with Carrie. However, Carrie recognizes the man as a Nazi and mocks him. Having offended the Nazi and his buddies, Carrie and Brody are forced to make a getaway from the bar as the Nazis try to make them pay for their insults. They drive to a cabin belonging to Carrie's father. Carrie asks her sister where to find to key and is reminded that she hasn't taken her medicine yet. Carrie promises to take her medicine later and her sister tells her where the key is. Before letting Brody in the cabin, Carrie secretly loads a pistol. Then she and Brody spend time together and grow very close. They learn that they can find peace in each other.

Meanwhile, CIA pinpoint where Aileen's exact location in Mexico. Saul hatches a plan to get her to cooperate with the government. After getting Estes' approval, Saul and a group of agents take Aileen in. Following Saul's plan, the CIA agents keep their distance from Aileen while Saul talks to her. Aileen refuses to talk, but Saul is able to guess that Aileen had met Raqim as a girl when she ventured into the poor districts from the city. Aileen begins to open up when Saul tells her about how he felt isolated as a child. As a young boy, Saul's parents told him to follow the Jewish traditions dutifully. Because his classmates' activities often involved reciting Christian prayer, Saul was not able to take part. After being reminded that Raqim is dead, Aileen gives in and agrees to cooperate.

Back at Aileen and Raqim's hideout, the CIA climb up to the rooftop and discover that the terrorist group had bought the house because it was within a sniper's range of landing for the president's helicopter. At the cabin, Carrie helps calm Brody down after he has a dream about a person named Isa. Later when Brody wakes up, she accidentally guesses the type of tea Brody drinks, something she should not have knowledge of. Brody figures out that Carrie had been spying him based on this information. He confronts her and allows her to ask any questions to prove his innocence. Carrie asks about Walker and the razor blade, but she cannot find any guilt. She then gets a phone call from Saul. At Langley, Aileen had given a sketch of the sniper she and Raqim was waiting for. Looking at the drawing, Saul tells Carrie, they were waiting for Tom Walker.

Carrie puts down the phone and runs to Brody, apologizing for spying on him. However, it is too late. Furious, Brody leaves the cabin before Carrie can say a word. Once home, Brody checks on his family before sobbing on the couch.

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