Season 1, Episode 10
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 27 Oct. 2013
Written by Sam Shaw
Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter
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Involuntary Phallic Victories
Masters of Sex episodes

The hospital takes part in a civil defense drill; a former participant reveals her pregnancy; Masters and Johnson butt heads; Haas has been denied a future job at the hospital; Margaret seeks answers.

Plot Summary

Weeks after Bill offered Virginia payment for her services, the two have grown apart. And as a result, Virginia grown closer to Ethan to a point that they have a relationship once more. One night, Ethan tells Virginia that the university had turned down his application for permanent residence, essentially firing him from his job. The next day Ethan faces Barton to contest the rejection of his application. He is shocked when Barton informs him that he was fired because of a negative review from Bill. Meanwhile, Bill meets a woman named Flora Banks at his office. Flora asks him if she can meet her partner in the study because she got pregnant from her session in Bill's study. Bill turns her down because he is obligated to keep his participants' identities a secret. Virginia sees Flora storm out of the office.

Bill casually tells Virginia what happened and she berets him for turning down Flora. That day, the United States declares a state of emergency and asks all public facilities to prepare a fallout drill should the world go into a nuclear war. Following orders, the university begins practicing drills. During one of the drills, Bill has to do surgery with Ethan despite his reluctance to do so. After the surgery Ethan asks Bill why he fired him. Bill blames Ethan for capping his wife and clocks with a punch. At a bar Margret encounters a young prostitute. She asks the young woman for tricks to get Barton to love her again. The woman listens to Margret's story and tells her that Barton is gay. Shocked, Margret then goes home ad lies in Barton's bed while she lets the information sink in.

While Bill is gone, Virginia goes through the files of the participants. She finds out that Austin Langham is father. Then she tells Austin about his child. Austin becomes afraid and asks Bill if his identity is protected. Bill assures him he is not responsible for what happens. Bill scolds Virginia for breaking his trust and puts the issue away. Still feeling guilty, Virginia gives the woman $2000 from the study discretionary fund. She faces Bill in his office. She tells him that she realizes they were having an affair the entire time. Then she tells him about the money she gave away. She quits her job and then leaves the room before Bill could anything. Virginia finds DePaul and asks her if she has a job available. DePaul is glad because she has been trying to get more funding for her project, but her efforts at charming the treasury have failed.

Meanwhile, Austin deals with knowledge that he is a father. He attempts to face Flora, but backs away. He finds Margret swimming in the pool and philosophizes with her. They soon reconnect with each other while floating in the pool.

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