Frasier 1.10 Oops
Season 1, Episode 10
General Information
Series Frasier
Air date 18 Nov 1993
Written by Denise Moss, Sy Dukane
Directed by James Burrows
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Selling Out Death Becomes Him
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Plot Summary

A rumour is spreading that KACL, the radio station that Frasier works at, is over budget and is looking to fire Bulldog Briscoe to save money. Bulldog is unaware of the rumour until he inadvertently overhears Frasier repeating it to someone at the station. Upset at this news, he declares that he will quit before being fired and storms off to confront Ned Miller, the station manager. Unfortunately the rumour was untrue but that doesn't stop Bulldog from losing his job over the abusive tirade he directed at Miller. Frasier feels responsible for Bulldog losing his job because of the false rumour he spread. After some persuasion from Roz and Martin and a visit from a dejected Bulldog, Frasier approaches Miller to try and get Bulldog his job back.

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