Phallic Victories
File:Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 11.jpg
Season 1, Episode 11
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 27 Oct. 2013
Written by Amy Lippman
Directed by Phil Abraham
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Virginia and Lillian DePaul take a bus to a medical conference while Ethan watches the children. While Ethan watches the children, he is visited by George. Meanwhile, Bill is trying to spice up his presentation.

Plot Summary

Virginia and DePaul head decide to head to a medical conference to spread awareness about the pap smear. After traveling for 17 hours, the two are late for the conference and their reserved spot is taken. Frustrated, DePaul, blames it her lateness on the fact that the university would not give her more resources so she can get speedier transportation because she is a woman. Virginia cheers her up by suggesting that they should talk to the wives of the doctors attending the conference. After meeting with a few women, the two are quickly able to convince 6 women about their program. As they travel back home, DePaul confesses that she has cervical cancer and has no one to continue her work.

Meanwhile, Ethan takes care of Virginia's kids while she is away. During that time, George Johnson appears to visit his children. When Ethan and George meet, they become defensive over who is a better father figure to the children. Eventually, Ethan declares that he will marry Virginia. Stunned, George walks away. The next day, he tells Ethan that he will never have the spark he and Virginia had when he was younger. In bed that night, Ethan tells Virginia that he wants them to be a team and for her to trust him to take care of her.

At the same time, Bill is preparing for his presentation with the medical community. Overwhelmed with work, he is forced to take Libby's offer to act as his secretary. As he works, he finds himself haunted by Virginia's image. One day, Bill attends a conference and finds that people are leaving after a few minutes. Knowing that it could happen to his presentation, he tries to find a way to make his presentation interesting. He decides to tell the doctors that penis size does not affect sex despite knowing that he would not have enough evidence. He confesses to his image of Virginia that he needs the presentation to go well or he will lose everything. The image of Virginia in his mind tells him that he is a bigger man than to put everything including his confidence on a presentation. However, Bill confesses that he is not.


Lillian DePaul: "You know men. It's easier to change their diapers than their minds."
Lillian DePaul: "How does a man save a woman from drowning?"
Virginia Johnson: "What?"
Lillian DePaul: "He takes his foot off her head."
Libby Masters: "When do you stop feeling that you got something to prove."
William Masters: "There's always something to prove."
George Johnson: "Well, let me tell you something pal, it doesn't matter what you and Virginia do or where you go cause you are never going to be those kids' father."
Ethan Haas: "You want to keep the title George? You got it. All I want is the job."
Lillian DePaul: "Don't you find it ironic that in the end, it's going to be a man who is going to tell women that they can find their own satisfaction?"

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