Phallic Victories
File:Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 12.jpg
Season 1, Episode 12
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 27 Oct. 2013
Written by Michelle Ashford
Directed by Michael Dinner
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Phallic Victories -
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After much research Bill finally presents his project to the medical community.

Plot Summary

In the morning, Ethan leaves Virginia and her children to go out to California for an interview. At Scully's home, Margaret confronts her husband about his homosexuality. She blames him for taking 30 years from life which she could have used to live with someone else. Barton then tells her he is working on finding a cure to his homosexuality. Margaret then decides to investigate what Barton is doing to cure himself. At the university, Bill Masters prepares for his presentation. With a full audience, Bill begins to talk about his project During Bill's presentation, he decides not to give credit to Virginia in the presentation. The audience's reaction to the presentation sours when he shows a video of Virginia masturbating.

At Barton's home, Margaret asks Barton about his decision to do shock therapy. After learning about the negative effects of the surgeries to cure homosexuality, Margaret implores Barton not to go through with it. Seeing his wife distressed, Barton agrees. The next day, Scully gets news that he and Bill are being fired. When Bill hears the news, he is both shocked and angry that people are closed minded. Then at the meeting with the chancellor, Bill takes the fall for Scully by lying that he had done the study behind Scully's back. After having his job saved by Bill, Scully takes Bill to a bar to drink. There, he consoles Bill, but also tells him his plan to have electro shock therapy despite telling Margaret otherwise. Meanwhile, Libby's water breaks and she is brought to a black hospital by her black maid because the hospital Bill works at is too far away. Once at the hospital, she safely gives birth to a baby.

Ethan calls Virginia to tell her that he secured a job at the University of California. He then asks her to marry him. Taken back, Virginia asks for time to think about it. That night at the hospital, Bill tries to enter his office. However, he discovers that the locks to the door are changed. Furious, he tosses a fire extinguisher into the room where he examined his subjects. Then he goes to Virginia's home where he confesses that he can't live without her.



Austin Langham: "Masters's study will continue. We can too."
Maregret Scully: "Listening to that doctor, I thought: For all of our problems, this is still 30 years of a life. Not the life I thought I had, but the life that I got with a man--that I do love."
Barton Scully: "Margret, I don't want to cause you more distress than I already have, If you don't want me to do it, I won't. "
Margret Scully: "I don't think I do."
William Masters: "I can spot a statistically average masturbator for a mile away."
William Masters: "[To Virginia Johnson] I've finally realized that there is one thing that I cannot live without. It's you."

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