The Menagerie: Part 2
Star-trek tos-season1-12
Season 1, Episode 12
General Information
Series Star Trek
Air date November 17, 1966
Written by Gene Roddenbery
Directed by Robert Butler
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The Menagerie: Part 1 The Conscience of the King
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Spock's remaining footage reveals what happens to Captain Pike after he is captured by the Talosians.

Plot Summary

Stardate: 3013.1- 3013.2   Officers look at footageThe court reconvenes after recess. Unable to stop the transmissions from Talos IV, the Kirk and Mendez continue to watch the broadcast. Christopher Pike wakes up after being knocked unconscious and finds that he is trapped in a cage. The Talosians come to greet him and decide that Pike is suited for their experiments. The Talosians, using their powers of illusion, recreate a place from Pike's memory. They place Vina in this illusion and try get Pike to fall in love with her so they could produce more humans. Pike soon learns that the Talosians can't read the mind of people who are thinking primitive thoughts such as hate.

After several experiments where Vina tries to seduce Pike, the Talosians conclude that Pike will not fall in love with her. When Pike's ship sends in six crew members, the Talosians manipulate the crew members controlling the transporter so that only the female crewmen are teleported to Talos IV. The two female crewmen, named Number One and Yeoman Colt, soon find themselves trapped inside Pike's cage. The Talosians explain that Pike now has more choices to choose from for his mate. Pike pulls out Talosian out of wall When Pike sees the two, he takes their phasers. He checks them and finds that they are out of energy. Then he drops them near the wall. Later, when a Talosian tries to grab the phasers, Pike grabs the unsuspecting alien and holds it hostage. Then he takes one of the phasers and blasts a hole in the cage. He then aims the phaser at the alien and forces it to turn off the illusion surrounding the hole in the cage. Then when the illusion disappears, he and the others escape from their cell and head to the surface.

When Pike and the others reach the surface, the Talosian held hostage by Pike tells Pike that he will live on the surface under guided rules. Pike rejects this demand. Number One then sets one of the phasers to explode so that Pike and the others would die rather than be held captive. The captive Talosian is then given information about the history of mankind. After reviewing the history, the Talosian concludes that mankind is to violent to be held captive. Vina's true faceThe Talosians then beam up Colt and Number One. When Pike asks Vina to leave with him, Vina refuses his offer. The Talosians remove the illusion giving Vina her beauty and they reveal that she is scarred and deformed. Vina explains that she was the lone survivor when a spaceship had crashed on the planet. She was dying, but the Talosians had put her back together. The Talosians imply that Vina had chosen to stay because the illusion gives her beauty and freedom from her deformity. Pike is beamed back to his ship and he orders his crew to leave orbit. Afterward, the Talosians end the Broadcast.

After the footage stops playing, Kirk is alarmed when Commodore Mendez disappears. The Keeper appears on the screen and reveals that Commodore Mendez was never really there. Instead, he was an illusion placed by the Talosians to distract Kirk from regaining control of his ship until the Enterprises reaches the orbit of Talos IV. Kirk then berets Spock for not telling his reason for doing what he did. Then Kirk gets a message from Starbase 11 to drop all charges against Spock and to ignore all rules prohibiting contact with Talos IV in light of the historic importance of Captain Pike's space explorations. Kirk orders Spock to take Captain Pike to the transporter room. Soon, Kirk sees an image of a younger Captain Pike and Vina on the surface of the planet.

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