The Galileo Seven
Star-trek tos-season1-16
Season 1, Episode 16
General Information
Series Star Trek
Air date January 7, 1967
Written by Oliver Crawford, S. Bar-David
Directed by Robert Gist
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Shore Leave The Squire of Gothos
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Spock is placed in charge of the shuttelcraft Galileo on a scientific survey mission that goes horribly wrong and strands him and his crew on a small planet filled with hostile natives.  But the greatest clash will be between the logic driven First Officer and his crew who are tested over his logical but dubious command decisions...

Plot Summary

Stardate: 2821.5

As the Enterprise is on its way to deliver medicine to Mockus 3, they pass Murasaki 312, a quasar. Captain Kirk has Spock and his crew launch a shuttle into space to take data readings from the Quasar. As they approach the Quasar, the shuttle gets pulled towards the Quasar. Spock could not transmit a message to the Enterprise due to ionic interference. Ferris reminds Captain Kirk that the cargo delivery to Mockus 3 is top priority. Captain Kirk replies that he has 2 days. Then, Nyota informs Captain Kirk about the dead center of Mockus 3.

Meanwhile, Dr. McCoy tends to his crewmates while Scotty and Spock attempt to communicate with the Enterprise. Spock tells Dr. McCoy that with their instruments down, Captain Kirk will search for them by foot. Captain Kirk has his crew launch Columbus towards the planet. Back at the crashed shuttle, Spock states that he will do everything logical when Dr. McCoy remarks that it will take more than logic to get out. Inside the shuttle, Scotty reports that they can get into orbit if they lighten their load about 500 pounds or an equivalent of three men. Dr. McCoy states that they should just dump equipment. When Boma questions who should stay behind, Spock replies that he make the selection because of his authority.

Elsewhere, the two scouts hear something strange. The two climb away from the strange sound. Suddenly, a mysterious alien throws a spear at Latimer, killing him. Back at the shuttle, Spock and Boma head towards the two scouts' locations. When Spock does not show any concern for the dead, Boma and Gaetano grab Latimer's body. Onboard the Enterprise, Captain Kirk asks his crew about any new updates. Commissioner Ferris keeps reminding Captain Kirk about the time. Captain Kirk tells Sulu to increase Columbus's speed to cover more area of the planet. In the shuttle, Dr. McCoy and Yeoman take off 100 pounds worth of equipment. When Boma arrives and asks for Latimer's burial ritual, Spock tells Dr. McCoy and the others that he will be busy helping Scotty with the ship. Afterwards, Scotty learns that they have no fuel despite their efforts. Outside, Spock and the others hear the monsters outside. Boma states that they should attack first. After Dr. McCoy and Yeoman are sent to assist Scotty, Spock orders Boma and Gaetano to only fire to frighten the creatures.

Deep in the mist, Spock has Boma and Gaetano fire at the monsters only to scare them. Then, he orders Gaetano to stand guard. Arriving at the shuttle, Scotty debriefs them that he can make a temporary fuel source from their phasers. Over at the Enterprise, the crew finally calibrate the transporters safe for human transportation. Despite the planet's sheer size, Captain Kirk pushes his luck and sends landing parties to search for Spock's group. On the planet's surface, Gaetano gets attacked and killed by a monster. Moments later, Spock, Boma, and Dr. McCoy find Gaetano's phaser. Spock hands Gaetano's phaser and his. He orders Dr. McCoy and Boma to head back to the ship while he locates Gaetano. Trekking through the mist, Spock manage to retrieve Gaetano's body and return to the ship. Though, the monsters are attacking the ship. Boma and Dr. McCoy comment that Spock's so called logic brought the monsters on them.

At Spock's location, Spock has Scotty electrify the ship to ward off the monsters. Then, Boma insists on Gaetano's burial. Spock advises Boma not to do this. Back on Enterprise, Lt. Kelowitz reports that they were attacked by the creatures. With time up, Commander Ferris orders Captain Kirk to abandon the search for Spock's group. Nyota reports to Captain Kirk that Columbus will return in 23 minutes. Meanwhile, Spock tells Boma and Dr. McCoy that they will lift off in ten minutes and that they will use this time to bury Gaetano. Then, they get attacked by the monsters. Boma and Dr. McCoy risk their lives to rescue Spock who gets trap underneath a small boulder. Once everyone gets in, Spock takes over to launch the shuttle into space. Though, they don't have enough fuel to make a soft landing since they can only make one orbit. In one last desperate attempt, Spock jettisons the last remaining fuel. On Enterprise, Sulu finds something on their sensors. Captain Kirk has his men ready the transporters. Scotty remarks that Spock had jettison the fuel as a flare for the ship. However, the shuttle loses it last bit of fuel and begins to enter in the atmosphere. During those last seconds, Captain Kirk has his crew fire the transport beams. Then, Nyota reports that they have beamed five individuals.

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