MastersofSex 1
Season 1, Episode 1
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 29 Sep. 2013
Written by Michelle Ashford
Directed by John Madden
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- Race to Space
Masters of Sex episodes

Dr. William Masters conducts a study of human sexuality and hires a young former nightclub singer as his assistant.

Plot Summary

Dr. William Masters is an accomplished scientist and doctor who is studying the effects of sex on the human body. Being a man, he hires Virginia Johnson as his assistant to give him a female perspective. He also asks the institution where he works at to fund his research. At first, Scully, the head of the institution, is against the idea. But he changes his mind after he views one of Master's experiments. With the research approved, Virginia begins hiring woman and men as test subjects. Soon, it becomes apparent that Virginia and William are influencing their subject and compromising their data with their presence. William suggests that they have sex so they would have an objective case. Virginia tells him that she will think it over.

Meanwhile, Virginia has a casual sexual relationship with Masters' associate, Ethan. After the two have sex a couple of times, Ethan falls in love with her, but she rejects his feelings. Eventually, he confronts her at a party. When she rejects him again, they fight and Ethan gives Virginia a black eye. Then he insults her and leaves in a huff.

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