The Man Trap
Star Trek Episode 1
Season 1, Episode 1
General Information
Series Star Trek
Air date September 8, 1966
Written by Marc Daniels
Directed by George Clayton, Johnson Gene Roddenberry
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The Enterprise makes a routine stop to examine a husband and wife archeologist team on an isolated planet and finds themselves hunted by a deadly shape-shifting predator.


Stardate: 1513.1

Nancy exactly as McCoy remembered Nancy exactly as McCoy remembered A landing party touches down on a planet whose only inhabitants are a two person research team consisting of Professor Robert Crater and his wife Nancy Crater. The two are visited by a landing party from the enterprise for their required health inspection, which is to be conducted by Dr Leonard McCoy, who also happened to know and be very much in love with Nancy before she was married. Upon arriving to the house they find only Nancy, who is viewed differently by each member of the landing party. Captain Kirk views her as she should be, an aged woman. Leonard however sees her as he remembers her, a lady 25 years young. The final crewman sees her as a blonde he met on a pleasure planet, which he expresses much to the anger of his superiors. Eventually Nancy leaves to find her husband; the crew member follows after her. Kirk and Leonard talk to Mr. Carter, who insists that they are fine and only require more salt due to the planet's immense heat that causes them to sweat out so much of it. Leaving the house they discover the crewman dead outside with strange rings all over his face, and Nancy over the body. She explains that he grabbed a fruit, and before she could do anything, he took a bite of it and died from poisoning. Another victim appears Another victim appears Kirk and Leonard beam back up to the enterprise with the body. Scans show that the poison from the fruit was not what killed the crew member. In fact, there wasn't a trace of it at all in his body. More over, according to the readings there was no reason that the man should be dead. More research later reveals the cause of death; the body contained no amount of salt. Finding it strange that the Carters requested more salt, Kirk and Spock beam back down to the planet with two new crewman. Spock and Kirk find Mr. Carter but eventually he runs off in search for Nancy. The two go after him, but instead find one of their crewman dead. The camera switches to show Nancy standing over the body of the second crewman, equally not alive, and when Kirk calls after him, she changes herself into the crewman. Kirk and Spock now beam up with "Nancy" in disguise. The creature shows its true form The creature shows its true form Nancy continues to cause mischief on the ship in search for more supplies of salt. The crew finally learns from the professor that Nancy was killed a few years before by the creature now disguised as her. It is the last of its kind, and posses the ability to transform into anyone as well as the ability to read the memories of others. It requires salt to live, but is also later revealed to require love, which is why it's drawn to the memories of Leonard McCoy. Eventually the professor attempts to run off with the creature, however the creature takes his body salt, killing him. She retreats to Leonard begging him to stop the others from hurting her, but when she is about to kill the captain, she reveals her true form, and he is forced to shoot her dead, thus ending the species.