Space Seed
Star-trek tos-season1-22
Season 1, Episode 22
General Information
Series Star Trek
Air date February 16, 1967
Written by Carey Wilber, Gene L. Coon
Directed by Marc Daniels
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Plot Summary

Stardate: 3141.9

Spock and Captain Kirk find an abandoned old Earth vessel. The crew picks up some heart beats from the ship. It's the s.S Botany Bay from the 20th Century. Captain Kirk, McGivers, Scotty, and Dr. McCoy beam themselves to the Earth Vessel. McGivers informs her crew that it's a sleeper ship with beings in suspended animation. The men find one human's heartbeat rising. McGivers commented that this is a leader.

In the sick bay, they tend to the leader's health. Scotty updates Captain Kirk that only 72 survived. Captain Kirk remarks that the name was from a penal colony in Australia. With everyone gone, the leader wakes up and finds some tools on the wall. He takes a knife. When Dr. McCoy tries to check up on the leader, the man threatens to slit the doctor's throat for some answers. Dr. McCoy informs the man, Khan, that he has been sleeping for 2 centuries. Captain Kirk tries to ask Khan when his ship took off and what is nature of their expedition. Khan asks for some reading material about starships. Meanwhile, Spock tells Captain Kirk about supermen who hold a lot of power over territories. Khan tells McGivers to change her hairstyle. Later, Khan manages to seduce McGivers after kissing and embracing her.

During dinner, Captain Kirk and Spock manage to make Khan reveal a bit of himself when Khan had an outburst. Mcgivers confirm Khan's true identity, Leif Ericson. Khan persuades McGivers to help him capture the Enterprise. In a meeting with Khan, Captain Kirk asks Khan about his goals. Khan states that he sought to build a new world and notes that humans have evolved so little. He remarks that Kirk is inferior to him. Khan manages to escape, and with the help of McGivers, Khan beams himself to the ship to awaken his comrades. Later, Khan manage to shut off all communication channels and the life support system. He threatens Captain Kirk to surrender the ship or risk losing his crew. After Captain Kirk's crew has suffocated, Khan and his men threaten the crew to help operate the Enterprise, so he can conquer a planet. Khan threatens to kill the captain by increasing the pressure. McGiver rescues Captain Kirk from the pressure chamber. Spock and Captain Kirk flood the ship with anesthesia gas. Though, Khan manages to escape in the engineering room to cause an overload, that makes the ship flare up like a sun. Captain Kirk follows Khan and defeats with him difficulty.

Afterwards, Captain Kirk has sentenced Khan and his men to a planet whose environment is similar to Australia's penal colony. McGivers has volunteered to live with Khan.

Production Notes

The character for Khan was changed from a blond Nordic to a dark Khan Noonien based on Roddenberry's friend Wang Noonien. It's assumed that Gene Roddenberry hoped that Wang would contact him.

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