The Devil in the Dark
Star-trek tos-season1-25
Season 1, Episode 25
General Information
Series Star Trek
Air date March 9, 1967
Written by Gene L. Coon
Directed by Joseph Pevney
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Kirk and The Enterprise are asked to kill a rock monster who is attacking the mine workers on the planet of Janus VI.

Plot Summary

Stardate: 3196.1 Damn. I wore the wrong shirt today Damn. I wore the wrong shirt today

A rock creature called the Hortas is killing the miners of Janus VI one by one. Kirk and the Enterprise. When Kirk and the Enterprise arrive, the creature steals an essential part from a reactor pump. Without the part, the colon risks losing life support. Kirk forms search groups and begins going through the tunnels with Spock by his side. He soon finds the creature and fires his phaser. The phaser hurts the creature, but does not kill it. The creature escapes by burrowing away. Kirk and Spock continue their search for the creature. After splitting up, Kirk is cornered by the Hortas. To his surprise, the creature does not attack him. Spock meets up with Kirk and attempts to communicate with it through mind melding. He learns that the creature is a mother and that the miners were murdering her children unknowingly while they were searching for minerals.Kirk summons McCoy from the ship and asks him to heal the Hortas. So, it's agreed. We like money. So, it's agreed. We like money.

With a bit of silicon, McCoy is then quickly able to heal the Hortas. The miners soon find the creature and demand that the creature be slain. However, Kirk stops them. He strikes a deal with both parties where the creature and her children dig holes while the miners collect the minerals left behind while leaving the Hortas to their own devices.

Production Notes

William Shatner was in Florida for his father's funeral during the filming of Spock's scenes with the Hortas. During the making of the scene, a body double was used in place of Kirk. Later, the scene was edited with Shatner's reaction shots. Shatner had insisted on continuing production despite his father's death and had felt closer to his film crew after they had helped him through his difficult time.

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