Errand of Mercy
Star-trek tos-season1-26
Season 1, Episode 26
General Information
Series Star Trek
Air date March 23, 1967
Written by Gene L. Coon
Directed by John Newland
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Plot Summary

Stardate: 3198.4

Captain Kirk read Sulu's report about their mission is to defend Organia from the Klingons who will used it as a base. They approach Organia. Captain Kirk orders Sulu to beam him and Spock to the planet. He tells Sulu that if there is an attack, he has to retreat and report to the fleet. Ayelborne welcomes Captain Kirk and Spock and directs them to the council chamber. Spock excuses himself to gather data on the village. Captain Kirk debriefs them about their mission to prevent Klingon from taking their planet. Ayelborne and the council refuses Kirk's protection because they have nothing of value to the Klingons. Spock enters the room and reports that the Organia civilization's technology and establishment is primitive and stagnant. Trefayne reports that there are eight ships that will beam hundreds of men to this planet. Ayelborne tells them that they have to protect them. While the Klingons occupy the planet, Captain Kirk and Spock are dressed in Organian clothing. Klingon's military governor, Kor, meets with the ruling council. Kor spots Spock and notes that Vulcans are members of the federation. When Kor orders them to take Spock (as a spy), Kirk objects to Kor. Kor finds Kirk interesting since he is the only one protesting. Kor tells everyone to obey the rules and takes Barona (Kirk) as the representative because he does not trust the Organian men who smiled too much.

Later, Kor's men informs that Spock had withstand Force 4. Force is a machine that records all thoughts in the mind, but it can break an individual. That night, Spock and Kirk steal a sound grenade from a soldier to make a public display of oppression. However, Ayelborne and his council implore them not to do that. Kirk tells them to gather courage to fight off the Klingon. Kor and his troops catch Kirk's speech and confronts them. Ayelborne exposes Kirk's real identity. Kirk states that he is not willing to die for the likes of Ayelborne's group. Kork orders them to lock up Vulcan and to have Kirk talk with him in his office. Kor states that they are alike, two tigers on a planet of sheep. He informs Kirk that he has 12 hours until he will dissect and kill Spock while turning Kirk into a mental vegetable. Then, Ayelborne opens a secret door and saves Kirk and Spock. Kor issues a threat, 200 Organians will be killed every 2 hours if the Federation spies are not returned.

That night, Spock and Kirk attack Kor's base. Kor orders his soldier to round 200 Organians. Kirk and Spock knock out one soldier after learning the whereabouts of Kor's location. Kor offers them a drink because their empire win. Suddenly, the men cannot grab weapons because of a strange heat. Ayelborne and his men states that they are ending the violence by immobilizing their weapons. When Kirk and Kor refuses to back down from each other's necks, Ayelborne states that they have no right to wage war. Suddenly, the Organians emit a bright light. Spock states that Organians are a beings of pure thought and are on a high evolutionary scale. Kirk and Spock return to their ships. Kirk notes that they were wrong.

Production Notes

When Captain Kirk orders his crew to fire phasers, the exterior shots show the ship firing torpedoes. This scene is fixed in the remastered version.

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