Operation - Annihilate!
Star-trek tos-season1-29
Season 1, Episode 29
General Information
Series Star Trek
Air date April 13, 1967
Written by Steven W. Carabatsos
Directed by Herschel Daugherty
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The Enterprise investigates the planet of Deneva in their attempt to figure out the cause of multiple cases of planet-wide insanity.

Plot Summary

Stardate: 3287.2 - 3289.8

Kirk's brother Sam is found dead while investigating a series of planet-wide insanity cases, Kirk and his crew receive a transmission of a Denevan pilot who steered his ship to the sun in order to rid himself of unknown affliction. Kirk and his crew beam down to the planet of Daneva, where Kirk's brother lives. Kirk is confused to find that the planet is quiet and the population is all indoors.They soon find his brother dead, but are able to rescue his son who is suffering from the same affliction as the pilot. Kirk returns to the planet once again to search for the reason why the planet of Deneva's population is indoors. After a brief search, they find the culprit in the form of an amoeba-like alien. The amoeba-like alien attaches itself to Spock and he becomes infected with the parasite. Onboard the ship, they learn that the parasite uses pain to control their hosts. Spock is able to prevent himself from being controlled by using his Vuclan mind control skill. Spock then volunteers himself to find a specimen since he is already infected. Spock becomes blind Spock becomes blind

After Spock captures one of the amoeba creatures, they examine it for any weaknesses. The tests soon show that the creature is immune to intense heat and pressure. Kirk is troubled because he cannot find a cure that will leave its host intact. He then remembers the transmission and suggests using bright light. McCoy shocks the specimen with the bright light and it is destroyed. Then Spock is put before the bright light to test whether it will cure a host. After being bombarded with intense beams, Spock becomes blind. McCoy soon gets tests that indicate that he only needed to show ultraviolet light, meaning he blinded Spock for no practical reason. McCoy becomes depressed because of his mistake until he learns that Spock was only temporary blind. Spock explains that the Vulcans had developed a second eyelid to protect them from their harsh sun. The Enterprise applies the UV light throughout the planet and the amoeba creatures are killed.

Production Notes

This episode was shot at One Space Park, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. The point where the Kirk and his crew beam down was outside the cafeteria at TRW Space and Defense and the location has since merged with Northrop Grumman in 2002. This location was where the Apollo program Lunar Module Descent Engine as well as other spacecraft were developed. The building where Spock was attacked by a parasite is known as a cafeteria owned by Northrop Grumman Aerospace.

In this episode, Kirk's brother made an appearance. He was first mentioned in the episode "What Are Little Girls Made of." In the story, he is portrayed by William Shatner who also played Kirk. For this role, Shatner had to put on a fake mustache and apply make-up to make him look more aged.

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