Norman's older brother, Dylan, returns home and Norman spends time with Emma.

Plot Summary

Norman flips through the book he had found under the carpet. When a doorbell rings, he hides the book under his bed. Norma opens the front door and is displeased to see Dylan, her son from another marriage. He tells her that he has no where else to go and needs a place to stay. Though Norma is not fond with the idea, she allows him to stay at her home. On the next day, Norman meets Bradley at bus stop. He chats with her briefly when a car suddenly rushes past them. Bradley recognizes the car as her father's and runs to check the car. Norman follows and opens the car door. Bradley looks inside and is shocked to find her father suffering from third degree burns. The police arrive to investigate the scene. They believe that someone had set fire to Mr.Martin's warehouse. Sheriff Alex soon finds Keith's car and he grows suspicious of Norma.

Dylan visits a stripper club and meets a sobbing employee that works for Bradley's father. After confessing his sorrow over the incident, the employee takes out a wad of cash and pays for Dylan's drinks. Dylan then asks where the employee was able to get so much money. The man leads Dylan to shipyard and introduces him to a friend. The friend hands Dylan a gun and asks if he knows how to use it. Dylan replies "yes." Emma and Norman are assigned to work on a school project together. She visits Norman at his home and Norma begins to ask Emma questions Emma tells Norma that she has cystic fibrosis and that her life expectancy is 27. Afterward, she and Norman begin working on their project. She then finds the book that Norman had hidden earlier under his bed and asks to borrow it.

Norma decides to to go to a town festival with Deputy Shelby in order to foster better relations. When she meets Shelby, he implies that the townsfolk do not follow federal laws to the letter and get their funds illegally. Instead, they make their own laws and follow a code similar to an eye for an eye. Meanwhile, Norman gets into a fight with Dylan when he notices that Dylan had called Norma a whore on his phone. Norman loses the fight and nurses his hand while watching TV. In the middle of the night, Dylan sits alone in the room. When Norman enters the room, she tells him that she wants him to leave the next morning. Dylan then blackmails Norma by questioning the circumstances of the death of her late husband. Not wanting to ruin their fresh start, Norma allows Dylan to stay.

Emma texts Norman to visit her home. When he meets her, she shows him the book that she had borrowed from him. She tells him that the book contained drawings of girls kept in bondage. One of the images depicts one girl being buried by the other girls. Emma suggests that they would look for the body since she recognizes the place where the girl was buried. The next day they head into the woods to find the body. Instead of finding the body they stumble into a marijuana farm. Immediately, they are chased by the marijuana farmers with assault weapons. Norman and Emma escape from the woods safety after getting in Emma's car. Later in the day, Norma spots something burning while hanging while hanging upside down. As she approaches the object, she discovers that it is a burning body.

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