Race to Space
Season 1, Episode 2
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 6 Oct. 2013
Written by Michelle Ashford
Directed by Michael Dinner
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Masters of Pilot Standard Deviation
Masters of Sex episodes

The study is forced out of the hospital and Masters moves it to a brothel.

Plot Summary

Virginia comes to work with the idea of turning down William's proposal, but she instead finds that the study has been concealed by the hospital and that she has been fired. William believes information about the study had been leaked because she told Ethan about the use of human subjects in the study. When she talks to Ethan, she is surprised to find that he knew nothing about it. Still, William insists on finding a new secretary. Without a place to go, William takes the study to Betty's brothel. Betty loans William the brothel on the condition that he give her a job at the hospital. William reluctantly accepts. On his first night, he is arrested by police and taken to jail. After paying bail, he convinces the police administration to allow him to use the brothel without disturbance.

When Virginia hears about the trouble William is having with the prostitutes, she goes to the brothel to talk them into signing up. William appears at the brothel after her and realizes that he needs her. After he is set up, Betty blackmails William to perform a surgery to Tubal Ligation Reversal, so that she can have children again. William sends Virginia to talk her out it. Betty explains to Virginia that she wants the surgery because it would make her feel normal again. Virginia comes back to persuade William to do the surgery. She then asks whether she has her job back or not. William tells her she has one the next day. At home, William is having marriage problems. William had dropped Ethan off her case and had taken her case to hide the fact that he has low sperm count.

After proposing to do a medical exam at home, Libby demands that Ethan should be her doctor again. William is forced to accept her demand. Meanwhile, Ethan has sex with two of his co-workers, but he still thinks about Virginia.

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