Quesada warns Hart and Cohle that they may be replaced by an occult-crimes task force; the pair follows a lead to a rural cathouse and an incinerated church; Hart finds respite away from home.

Plot Summary

Cohle and Hart continue investigating Dora Lange's murder. They interview Dora's mother and learn that Dora's father is dead. Mrs. Lange also reveals that Dora had been seeing a church recently when she lasted contacted Mrs. Lange. Back in the car, Cohle admits that he felt nervous about seeing Hart's wife and children. He ws afraid how he would react since he had lost his wife after his daughter had died. in 2012, Cohle explains that he has hallucinations because of neural damage that he had developed while working undercover in the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area along South Texas. After the death of his daughter, Cohle explains that he developed a drug addiction when he was transferred to the narcotics division.

While working, Cohle had shot a man who had injected crystal meth into his daughter. Cohle worked a plea bargain with the state attorney to act as a undercover narcotics agent. Cohle tells the interviewers that he worked undercover for 4 years before the violence drove him to the a psychiatric hospital. Afterward, he choose to work homicide in Louisiana because his undercover work made him ineligible for Texas. He became Hart's partner when joining the Louisiana police. In 1995, Hart visits Lisa Tragnetti’s apartment because he is having an affair with Tragnetti. Meanwhile, Cohle buys Quaaludes from a prostitute. Talking to her, he also learns that Dora may have worked on a "ranch." The next day, Cohle set out to find the ranch.At the ranch, a woman named Jan shows them a under age prostitute named Beth who was a friend of Dora's.

Hart is disgusted that a young girl is working there and hands her money telling her to find something else. They leave with Dora's bag. Inside the bag, they find a flyer for an organization called "Friends of Christ Revival." Later, Hart visits his in law family with his wife. After awhile, Hart decides to leave the place early. At home, he has an argument with his wife. Things become worse when he sees the way his daughters are playing with their dolls. At work, Major Quesada introduces a new task force assigned by the governor. Cohle insults them by implying that they are not real cops. Quesada pulls Hart and Cohle aside. He blames Cohle for insulting them and they will lose the case to the task force if they do not find a major break.Hart asks for another week to work on the case and is granted permission, Following the flyer, Hart and Cohle find a abandoned church. There, Cohle finds a drawing of a naked woman with deer antlers like Dora Lange.

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