Standard Deviation
File:Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 3.jpg
Season 1, Episode 3
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 13 Oct. 2013
Written by Sam Shaw
Directed by Lawrence Trilling
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Dr. Haas gets the case of a lifetime - a woman pregnant with quadruplets.

Plot Summary

In 1945, William Masters shows Barton Scully an experiment involving rabbit sexuality. He then tells Scully that he would like to study on humans sexuality. Later, Scully tells William that if he wants to study human sexuality, he needs spotless reputation and a good family. In 1957, William is preparing to perform the surgery on Betty. During the surgery, he finds that she has salpingitis and will be unable to get pregnant. Despite being unable to give birth, Beth decides to marry her boyfriend without telling him about inability to give birth. At the brothel, William tries to add men to his study. However, he realizes after watching two male prostitutes have sex, that his experiment would not work because prostitutes and homosexuals are outliners that will not produce results that the medical community will not accept.

At the hospital, Ethan hears about a woman pregnant with quadruplets and demands to be her doctor. Ethan is granted this request only if William is watching him during surgery. Though Ethan chooses not tell William, Masters hears about the surgery anyway. He goes to Scully and demands to deliver the baby. William delivers the baby while Ethan watches with indignation. The birth brings the hospital good publicity. William capitalizes on this publicity by demanding that he be given permission to move his study to the hospital. When that does not work, William remembers one of the male prostitutes mentioning that he slept with another medical professional. He then blackmails, telling him that he would reveal that he is a homosexual if he does not agree to his demands. Elsewhere in the hospital, a female doctor named Lillian DePaul has transferred in.

Her presence draws criticisms and jokes about her lack of femininity. Eventually, Virginia stands up for her and tells the others to show more respect for her accomplishment as a female doctor.At Masters' home, Virginia finds Libby Masters in tears. Libby had been sobbing about the fact that she can't give her husband a baby. Uncomfortable about hiding the truth, Virginia tells Libby that Masters is the one with the fertility problems. At the hospital the next day, Ethan tells Libby that she is pregnant. When William returns home that day, she sits on the couch, waiting to tell him the good news.

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