Parishioners identify a scarred man seen with Dora Lange; a sex offender is brought in for interrogation; Maggie sets Cohle up with a friend; Cohle looks over old case files.

Plot Summary

Hart and Cohle call the police to the abandoned church, Then Cohle and Hart attend a Friends of Christ rally. There, they interview the preacher, Joel Theriot. After interviewer more parishioners, they are given a lead that Dora was last seen with a tall man with a facial scar. Cohle and Hart then put out a all points bulletin for a tall man with a facial scar. The next day, Hart finds Cohle sitting with his wife after Cohle had finished mowing his lawn. Hart takes Cohle outside so he can tell him that he does not like that Cohle had mowed his lawn. Then Hart confronts his daughter about the sexual drawings she made at school. Maggie tells her husband that the drawings reflect how he is not there for her. The couple fights about Hart's absence. Eventually, Hart concedes and apologizes while admitting that he is messed up. Maggie agrees and they reconnect by having sex.

After interviewing suspects that match the APB, Cohle and Hart take Maggie and her friend Jennifer to a date at a bar. While Maggie tries to set Jennifer with Cohle, Hart spots Lisa Tragnetti with another man. Lisa tells him that she is looking for a man other than Hart. Jealous, Hart barges into Lisa's home at night and threatens Lisa's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Maggie asks Cohle if Hart really is at work. Cohle replies that he does not know. The next day, Cohle tells Hart about another victim he had found. The girl was named Rianne Oliver and she was found drowned by the river. Cohle suspects it was murder instead and shows Hart the serial killer's mark on Oliver's back. They interview Rianne's grandfather and are told that the girl ran away with her boyfriend Reggie Ledoux. He then gives them Rianne's high school yearbook.

The detectives then turn their to the Light of the Way High school. While Cohle is interviewing the groundkeeper, Hart receives word that Reggie Ledoux had skipped out on parole. They find out that he had been accused of statutory rape and doing crystal meth and was Charlie Lang's cellmate. Cohle puts out broadcast to catch Reggie on site and the two hurry over to Reggie's home. Reggie is seen in the woods with a gas mask and a machete.

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