After the police gain a search warrant, Norma tries to seek protection in Officer Shelby. Soon, Norman discovers that Deuputy Shelby is more than he seems. Meanwhile, Dylan begins his new job and Emma realizes that the images in the book actually took place in real life.

Plot Summary

Dylan is driven by Ethan head to the marijuana fields to begin his new job. Little did he know, he was assigned to guard the marijuana fields. He soon learns from Ethan that Bradley's dad was set on fire by someone because of a dispute. Ethan explains that the person responsible was also set on fire and hanged for the purpose of retribution and for all to see. At school, Emma confesses that she only wanted to look for the grave because she wanted to hangout with Norman. She then tells Norman that she believes that the images in the book did happen and that the girl had died. Norman shrugs off her suspicions and heads to class. However, it becomes apparent that Norman cannot keep the topic off his mind. During class, the images flash through his mind and mix with images of his teacher being tied up. Norman eventually faints and is sent to a hospital.

Norma visits her son at the hospital, but she soon has to leave to be home so she could receive the new carpets for the motels. While she is talking with the deliverymen, she is interrupted by Sheriff Alex, who arrives with a search warrant to search her home for evidence. With this new development, Norma heads back to the hospital to check out Norman out despite the doctor's wishes to observe Norman overnight. Norma informs Norman that the police are searching motel and the house for evidence. Suddenly, Norman remembers that he had kept Keith's belt under his bed. When he returns home, he finds that the belt is missing. Norman ges downstairs and lets his mother know that he had kept the belt and now it is missing.

Emma visits Norman's home and eggs him on to investigate whether the girl in the book was real or not. Norman tells her that he had found the book in the fourth room of the motel. The two find a Japanese character under the sink in the room's bathroom and confirm that the girl did indeed exist. With their safety compromised, Norma attempts to get Deputy Shelby's protection. She finds him and discovers that he has the belt. Shelby reassures Norma that he has not told anyone about the belt and invites her to dinner at his home. At Deputy Shelby's home, he vows to protect Norma and they kiss.

Dylan soon returns home from his job. He sits next to Norman as he watches TV. The two brothers begin to bond and Dylaan decides to give Norman some advice. He tells Norman that he should get more perspective and stop getting smothered by his mother. He then asks Norman to apologize for almost beating him a meat tenderizer, but Norman does not recollect such a moment. Norma then returns home and informs Norman that their situation is stable and that Deputy Shelby is going to protect them. Norman becomes worried that Shelby might take advantage of them.

Emma has a private talk with Norman about the girl from the book. She tells him that she is going to the police and giving them information about the journal. Knowing that this might bring suspicions to his family, Norman sternly advises her not to. At home, Norman sees an image of Norma that tells him to get back the belt from Shelby. Norman sneaks out of the house and breaks into Shelby's house when he is away. When Norman reaches the basement, he finds a locked door. Opening the door, he finds one of the women depicted in his sketchbook.

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