Thank You For Coming
File:Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 4.jpg
Season 1, Episode 4
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 20 Oct. 2013
Written by Amy Lippman
Directed by Jennifer Getzinger
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Standard Deviation Catherine
Masters of Sex episodes

Masters and Johnson recruit new participants. Masters' mother visits.

Plot Summary

Virginia returns home to find her ex-husband, George, watching her kids. Virginia and George have sex and he sends the night over much to Virginia's chagrin. Meanwhile, Bill's mother comes to visit Bill and Libby.after hearing about the pregnancy. Together they head over to the hospital so Libby can get checked out by Ethan. After Libby is examined, Ethan confesses that he has been having trouble getting over one woman. Libby, not knowing he is talking about Virginia, decides to invite him and Virginia to her party to set them up, That day, Bill and Virginia begin collecting data for Bill's research using human subjects. Virginia is surprised when she sees George showing up at the study.At the hospital, Bill also gets a pregnant patient with an abusive husband.

At home, Bill becomes unhappy when his mother decides to stay in St. Louis with them. At the hospital, Bill gets a patient with a pregnancy. The patient asks him to make her sterile so she would not have to give birth to more children who would suffer her husband's abusive behavior. Reflecting on his own relationship with his father, Bill performs the surgery secretly while he is taking the baby out. At the party, Ethan tries to convince to Virginia to ride home with him. Virginia declines his offer and Bill drives her home to defuse the situation.Ethan leaves with a huff. When he gets home, he bumps into Vivian Scully, the daughter of the head doctor at Ethan's hospital. Ethan invites the young woman into his home. He is about to have sex with her when he is interrupted by a call from the hospital. Despite being drunk, he performs the surgery and it goes well.

The next day, Ethan meets Vivian and apologizes for taking out his anger on her. Vivian consoles him and reminds him that he was once nice to her. At Bill's office, Virginia tells Bill that her ex-husband was a test subject in the study. Bill lets her off the hook because it would not affect the data. then later, Bill finds George's file and calls him for another meeting. During this interview, Bill gets George to talk about Virginia. Then after George leaves, he plays back the recording of their meeting.

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