Trust Me
Season 1, Episode 4
General Information
Series Bates Motel (2013)
Air date 8 Apr. 2013
Written by Kerry Ehrin
Directed by Johan Renck
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Norman tries to tell someone about what he had seen from Shelby's basement, but he has trouble finding people who will believe him.

Plot Summary

Dylan spots Norman going to Deputy Shelby home and follows him. After Norman finds a girl in Shelby's basement, Dylan rings the doorbell,which distracts Shelby and gives Norman the chance to escape. The next day, Norman tries to tell Emma about what he had seen, but he is turned away by her dad. Emma's dad tells Norman that Emma is sick. He then tells Norman that his daughter has a crush on Norman and asks him to be decent. Meanwhile, Norma continues to see Shelby. One afternoon, she meets Shelby in one of the rooms at her motel and they make love. When she leaves the room, she spots Dylan sitting next to the door outside. Norma introduces Dylan as her son and Shelby recognizes him as the man who rung his doorbell the other night. Later, Norman notices that Bradley is placing flowers where her dad's car had crashed. He learns that Bradley's father had died and mourns with her.

At night, Norman confides to his mother what he had seen in Shelby's basement. When mentions why he broke into Shelby's home, Norma dismisses his claims and mentions that Norman has been seeing things that are not really there for a long time. When Norma heads to Shelby's home later in the night, she decides to investigate the Shelby's basement. When she opens the door to the room in the basement, she does not find anything incriminating. The next day, Shelby takes Norman on a fishing trip. Shelby tells Norman that he needs to be able to trust Norman and vice versa. Then Shelby gets a call from Sheriff Alex and Shelby is forced to cut the trip short. Sheriff Alex shows Shelby a decomposing hand with a watch. Shelby recognizes the watch and identifies it as the hand of Keith Summers.

Norma is then called to the police station to answer some questions. During the questioning, Norma is not willing to say anything, Sheriff Alex strongly believes that Norma had murdered Keith. Later, Norman tells Dylan all of the secret that Norman and Norma had hidden between themselves. After hearing Norman's explanation, Dylan agrees to help his younger brother. Then Norman gets a phone from Bradley and Dylan encourages Norman to go to Bradley's home. Norman takes his advice and heads to Bradley's home. Bradley thanks Norman for comforting her and they make love. Meanwhile, Dylan confronts Norma about how she has been mistreating Norman. Then doorbell rings and Norma opens it to find group of police officers who are there to arrest her for the murder of Keith Summers.



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