Hart and Cohle follow a series of leads in an effort to track down their prime suspect.

Plot Summary

Knowing that Charlie Lang was Reggie's former cellmate, Cohle and Hart pay him a visit. Charlie confesses what he knows about Reggie. The detectives learn that Reggie was part of a gang that sacrificed women and worshiped the "yellow king." They also learn that Reggie was well acquainted with a man named Tyrone Weems. Since Reggie's family members are nowhere to be seen, the Cohle and Hart decide to find Tyrone. The two find Tyrone's ex-girlfriend, Kelsey, at a bar. Kelsey does not help them, but the bartender tells them that Tyrone often picks Kelsey up after work. Afterward, Hart comes before court to testify for breaking into Lisa's home. Then Lisa confronts him after the trial. Hart refuses to talk to her or respect her. Lisa calls Maggie and tells her everything. Then Hart returns home to find that he has been kicked out.

Hart goes to a bar to sulk. There, he spots Tyrone and follows him to an alley. There, he forces Tyrone to gives information on Reggie at the point of a gun. Tyrone tells him that Reggie now only deals drugs to a motorcycle gang called the Iron Crusaders. After passing on this information to Cohle, Hart visits Maggie at the hospital she works at. Hart makes a scene at the hospital by arguing with Maggie before he is escorted out by Cohle. While Hart becomes depressed about the state of his family, Cohle tells him his plan on how to infiltrate the Iron Crusaders to confirm whether Reggie is working for them. Before getting started, Cohle tries convince Maggie to let Hart see his children to give him ease of mind, However, Maggie becomes furious when when Cohle tries to rationalize Hart's infidelity. Failing to persuade Maggie, Cohle continues the investigation.

Cohle takes a leave of absence at work. Stealing some cocaine and opening his stash of guns, Cohle assumes his old undercover identity as Crash. Cohle meets his old partner, Ginger, at a bar. Ginger confirms that Reggie does work for them. Ginger tells Cohle that he will connect Cohle to their supplier if he helps his gang with a raid on a house for drugs. The raid ends ends badly as a shootout commences and an angry mob forms outside the house. In the chaos, Cohle kidnaps Ginger and sneaks away. He calls Hart and together, they escape in his car with Ginger. As they drive away, Cohle demands information from Ginger. The police gather in the neighborhood to quell the mob as they leave.

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