File:Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 5.jpg
Season 1, Episode 5
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 27 Oct. 2013
Written by Sam Shaw, Michelle Ashford
Directed by Michael Apted
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Thank You For Coming Brave New World
Masters of Sex episodes

Johnson tries to connect with her son. Masters experiences anxiety.

Plot Summary

After studying masturbation, Bill decides that the study needs to have couples as test subjects. They call Dr. Austin and place him with a someone other than Jane to test whether chemistry between people is important in sex. Austin and this woman try to have sex, but Austin is unable to perform very well. Austin is furious that he was tricked. The next time, he is unable to perform well even though he is with Jane. Meanwhile, Virgini's son, Henry, is unhappy with his mother absences and wants to live with his father. Virginia promises her son that she will take him to the ferris wheel to make up for her absences. Ethan bumps into Barton and they begin talking about Vivian. After talking to him, Ethan decides to take Vivian on a real date and takes her to a diner.

There, she tells him that she wants to have sex. They have sex and Ethan discovers that he had just taken her virginity. Feeling guilty, Ethan sends her yellow flowers to show her he wants friendship instead of romance. At Barton Scully's 30th anniversary party, Vivian is told that she has to make Ethan love her. So, she pulls Ethan out of the party and tells him that they can make the relationship work. At the party, Bill and his wife are forced to leave when Libby starts bleeding. After performing surgery, Bill discovers that Libby has lost the baby, but he is afraid to tell her. So, he leaves her alone to deal with his fears. Libby calls Virginia to keep her company and prevents her from going to the ferris wheel with her children. After talking with Libby, Virginia finds out that Henry has ran away.

On the fire escape, Ethan notices Henry walking outside the hospital. He takes Henry to a cafeteria where he talks about how he should not hate his mother. Ethan then takes Henry back to Virginia. Soon, Virginia breaks down in tears. Ethan comforts her, telling her he will help take care of Henry. Libby finally asks Bill for the truth and Bill confirms her suspicions.Then together with Ethan, Bill removes the baby from Libby. At home, Bill blames his mother for the illness that causes his sleepwalking and for bad childhood. The next day, he packs Libby's things for the ride home. Then he tells her that they should stop trying to have children. In his office, Bill tells Virginia to prep for a study that night. Virginia decline his order. Then Bill breaks down into tears as he mourns what could have been his daughter.

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