Ocean View
Season 1, Episode 5
General Information
Series Bates Motel (2013)
Air date 15 Apr. 2013
Written by Jeff Wadlow
Directed by David Straiton
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Norma is bailed from jail, but she isn't too happy about it. Meanwhile, Dylan tries to get his own home. At the same time, Norman and Emma try to find where Jiao is hidden.

Plot Summary

Norman comes home after spending the night at Bradley's place to find that his mother has been sent to jail. After visiting his mother in jail, he decides to use the deed to the motel bail out his mother. He gets ride from Emma to the place where he could place the deed as collateral the payment. Along the way, he brings Emma up to speed by telling her what he had seen in the basement. The next day, Norman bails his mother out of jail, but she is not happy to be let out. They go see a law attorney to receive legal advice for Norma's case. However, Norma refuses to plead self-defense and storms out of the building. In the car ride, Norma becomes angry when she remembers that Norman had left her to be arrested while he was sleeping with a girl. Furious, she kicks Norman out of the car and forces him to walk.

Dylan drives by and picks up Norman on his motorcycle. At the house, Dylan advises Norman that he should get away from Norma by living with him in a place that he will buy. Later, Dylan gets money from a Ethan Chang, a friend from Dylan's job. He gives Dylan enough money to buy a place for him and his brother. Then Ethan is shot by a man who owes him money. Dylan rushes Ethan to the hospital and leaves him there. Later, Dylan spots Ethan's assailant and avenges Ethan by running him over with Ethan's truck. At night, Norma meets up with Shelby once more. He tells her that they should not meet anymore and that he will take care of the problem. At work, Shelby steals that evidence incriminating Norma. The next day, Norma learns that the case against her is dropped because the police have lost the evidence against her. She figures out that Shelby was the one who had taken the evidence.

When Norman leaves the house, Emma drives by and tells him to get in. Near the ocean, Norman confesses that he had slept with Bradley, but he is concerned as to why Bradley had not called him back since then. Emma tries to convince Norman that what he had did with Bradley was nothing more than a hook up. An awkward silence ensues and Emma breaks the silence by telling Norman where she believes Shelby had hid the captive girl. Emma figures out that if Shelby and Keith Summers were partners, he would use Keith Summer's property to hide the captive girl. Researching Keith Summers, Emma had found a boat that Keith had owned. Norman and Emma then search through this boat and they find the girl in a locker. Then they bring the captive girl to the motel so they can clean her off. Norma notices a car outside her motel and checks the one room with the light on. She is shocked to find Norman with two girls. Norman explains that the girl he had found was the one he had seen in the basement and the girl who was held prisoner by Shelby confirms his story. Norma becomes confused because she cannot reconcile her image of Shelby as a good man protecting her family with the one where he holds sex slaves.


  • Vera Farmiga as Norma Louise Bates
  • Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates
  • Max Thieriot as Dylan Massett
  • Olivia Cooke as Emma Decody
  • Nicola Peltz as Bradley Martin
  • Diana Bang as Jiao
  • Terry Chen as Ethan Chang
  • Mike Vogel as Zack Shelby
  • Lara Gilchrist as Rebecca Craig
  • Lindsay Collins as Legal Assistant
  • Christopher Laurence as Tweaker
  • Aliyah O'Brien as Receptionist
  • Hinde Rabbaj as ER Nurse


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