Plot Summary

Rust and Ginger meet with a man named Dewall talk about trading cocaine for crystal meth. When Dewall refuses, Cohle drops Ginger off by the road. Cohle meets Hart by the forest next to Dewall's truck. They make their way through the forest as they dodge booby traps. Soon, they find Reggie Ledoux. Hart sneaks into the house and demands that Ledoux hold his hands up at gun point. Then as Cohle watches Ledoux, Hart searches the premise. When he finds two children, Hart impulsively shoots Ledoux. Dewall, who witnesses the murder flee and dies from stepping on a landmine.

With no one else around, Cohle begins firing machine gun rounds to cover up Hart's moment of rage. They then come up with a story where they were fired upon as soon they arrive; regarding the children, they lie that the children were found after Ledoux and Dewall are dead.

In the present, Hart tells Gilbough and Papania that he was promoted to detective sergeant and he had renewed his marriage with his wife. Gilbough and Papania move the discussion to the year 2002, the year Cohle quite the police force. Hart laments not paying attention to his wife and children. He remembers one incident where he slapped his daughter Audrey for attempting to sleep with two boys at the same time.

In 2002, Cohle had gained a reputation for being a good interrogator. Then one day, Cohle was questioning a man named Guy Francis, a man who charged with double murder. Cohle questions him and tricks him to confess his crime. The man pleads and offers to give him information on the "yellow king." He tells Cohle that they did not catch the real killer. Cohle beats him at the sound of the word because Francis should not have known the name. After Cohle is taken out, Francis is given a phone call with his lawyer. In a few hours, Francis slits his wrists. Cohle suspects that the phone call might have to do with the suicide. He traces the call back to a public pay phone. Cohle suspects that Francis was lying about his phone call.

In 2012, Cohle insists that he get the current information on the case of the recent murder. He is disappointed when he sees there is little evidence being gathered. The detectives then show Cohle pictures of him near the crime scene. They reveal to Hart and Cohle that they suspect Cohle may be the killer. They asks to see Cohle's storage unit. Cohle is disgusted and leaves. As Hart tries to absorb the information, the detectives ask him to tell how Cohle and him grew apart.




Dewall Ledoux: "I can see your soul at the edges of your eyes. It’s corrosive, like acid. You have a demon inside, and I don’t like your face. It makes me want to do things to it […] if I see you again, I’m putting you down. There’s a shadow in you, son."
Rust Cohle: "Death created time to grow the things for it to kill."
Martin Hart: "Do you know the good years when you’re in them, or do wait until you got ass cancer?"
Rust Cohle: "I don't want to know anything anymore. This is a world where nothing is solved."

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