The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5
Season 1, Episode 1.5
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 28 Nov 2010
Written by Frank Darabont, Glen Mazzara
Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson
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Vatos TS-19
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The survivors leave the camp in the hope of finding help at the CDC.

Plot Summary

The next morning, the remaining survivors make sure that the dead aren't coming back by smashing and burning them by fire. Rick talks to Morgan over the walkie-talkie and states that Atlanta isn't safe as it used to be, as the others, Shane, Lori and Dale are concerned over Andrea's grief as she is cradling Amy's body and refusing any one to stop her do it. Daryl and Morale picked up and attempted to drag one of dead campers to burn them which Glenn stopped them and wanted them to bury all the campers who died last night. As Jim and Jacqui drags one of the bodies to bury, Jacqui notices a flesh wound in which alarms everyone that Jim has been bitten - Daryl grabbing a pick axe tried to kill Jim and was stopped by Rick who says we don't kill the living and assure everyone that there's a Central for Disease Centre not far from here and Shane says that there's an Army base in the opposite direction and its more safe.

Dale confronts Andrea's grief over the death of Amy saying that his wife passed away due to cancer and even though doctors tried to cure, that she accepted her fate in which Andrea pulls out a necklace to present to Amy that she felt

guilty for missing all of her birthdays. Daryl is finishing up the remaining dead bodies as he swung at Ed, Carol stopped him and wanted to do it by herself due to that being her husband and taken all the suffering that she mourn for in her past with an abusive husband. Amy then wakes up zombified, as Andrea mourn her last regrets and put the trigger on Amy's head.

Shane and Rick dig more holes for graves as Daryl arrives with the rest of the dead bodies, as they finished putting bodies into graves - Lori wants everyone to join a funeral for her, stating that they used to be human and everyone should respect the ones who passed away (and being human) as the disgruntled Daryl joined in for the funeral. In the RV, Rick relieves Jim that there's help though Jim is still worried and scared about his bruise. Outside Shane argues to Lori about the bad decision going to CDC and used her marriage as a excuse as Rick emerges out of the RV, Lori agrees on his plan.

The three -- Dale, Shane and Rick go out for a sweep to see if there's any more walkers as Shane tries to convince Rick that his plan is better, Rick then says if its your family you'd feel differently, Shane angrily snaps back at him stating that he keeps his family and humanity inside as Rick says that he doesn't mean that way. Rick then investigate somewhere else after hearing a noise as Shane spots him and aim at him though stopped by Dale. Back in the camp, Morales and his family announces to everyone that his family and him will be leaving to see their family in Birmingham, Alabama as they have the parting ways in the group, Rick gives him a gun and tells him their frequency if he changes his mind. Rick also placed a sign on the red sports car for Morgan to tell him that this camp has been compromised and to use this car as the group of survivors leave the camp by convoy.

En route to the CDC, the RV engine immediately went busted as everyone stopped the caravan and Shane and T-Dog finds a replacement for it - Rick goes inside the RV where Jacqui says to him that Jim is having a fever and Jim says that he's done for as Rick picks up him and place him outside to rest. The group then find a way to resolve this situation in which Lori tells everyone that its Jim's choice not the group, Jim tells everyone to leave him here and wanted to be with his family. The group then leaves him for depart to CDC, as Jim stares upon the remaining hours of his life sitting back on a tree.

The scene then jumps to a lone doctor recording his reports on camera and states that since Wildfire there isn't any clinical progress to report. The doctor is then seen wearing a biohazard suit passing through airlock to the laboratory as he opened a tissue of TS-19 and began the experiment. Trying to get something, he accidentally knocks a corrosive fluid which flows to the tissue in which an alarmed triggered as the doctor quickly rushes to through the airlock for

decontamination, stripping himself off. When he passes decontamination, the laboratory was immediately engulfed into flames as quarantined for a security protocol. The upset doctor who is seen drinking heavily, explains to the monitor camera that the TS-19 samples are gone and is thinking about killing himself tomorrow though he hasn't decided yet.

Rick's caravan finally reaches the deserted CDC offices in Atlanta, as they crept slowly and quietly to the gate. Inside, the doctor sees survivors outside the building through security monitors, stunned as Rick spots the camera moving and says to the camera, he knows someone is inside and continuously bang the door, yelling at the person inside to open up. Suddenly the walkers had awaken and Daryl and Shane tells him this is a bad idea as the walkers' are alarmed to their position. During the amidst of arguing, the gate and doors finally open as a beam of light scrawls the survivors.

Trivia & Quotes

Differences from the Source Material

  • Andrea shoots Amy instantly rather than waiting until she reanimates.
  • Jim's story is further fleshed out. It is explained that he arrived in Atlanta with his family when the outbreak was in its opening stages. When the city fell apart, Jim watched as his family was torn apart. He had five children and a wife.
  • In the comics, Rick does not look after Jim when he is bitten. Instead, a character named Donna looks after him.
  • Rick and Shane have debate in the series over whether to leave their spot to go look for a safer spot or stay next to the city. At this point, Shane believes that the government will find a way to stop the outbreak. He believes that if they stay next to the city, they will be the first to be found by the government.

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