Brave New World
Season 1, Episode 6
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 3 Nov. 2013
Written by Lynnie Greene, Richard Levine
Directed by Adam Davidson
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Catherine All Together Now
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Libby and Masters visit Miami. Jane aids Virginia in debunking a theory.

Plot Summary

Bill and Libby go on vacation to Miami for their 10th anniversary. Back at the hospital, Virginia hears about a theory regarding the difference between mature and immature orgasms. Testing the theory on Jane Martin, Virginia discovers that the theory is incorrect. She contacts Bill to let him know and he plans to do more tests when he gets back to the hospital. Libby overhears the conversation and becomes indignant that Bill is bringing in his work such as listening to the elderly couple have sex in the next room. She tells Bill to get on a plane and leave her alone. Once Bill is gone, she gets to know the elderly couple better. One evening, Morris, the elderly husband, asks Libby to sleep with him. Libby declines his advances. Then she threatens to call Bill when he continues to push her and the man backs out of the room.

At the hospital, Libby gets a special volunteer for the study in the form of Margret Scully. Despite Bill's reluctance concerning her relation to Provost Scully, he accepts her into the study. During the questionnaire part of the study, Margret finds out that she may never had an orgasm before. Margret realizes why she never had one before and breaks into tears after the questionnaire. Meanwhile, Dr. Austin meets with Janet again is told that his performance problem may be a psychological problem. After seeing a therapist, Dr. Austin is even more confused about himslf. One night, Dr. Austin meets Margret Scully alone outside a theater. They have a brief talk. Then suddenly, a spark occurs between them and they have sex.

Meanwhile, Dr. DePaul talks to Virginia about promoting a pap smear. After a brief talk, Virginia agrees to pull a few strings to promote information about the surgery. Later, at Bill's office, Dr. DePaul complains that Virginia is being treated like a doctor despite the fact that she did not earn it. This complaint causes Bill to reconsider Virginia's position. During their next session, he makes her his research assistant, allowing her to have a secretary. With more possible to work on the study, Virginia and Bill are elated with what they can do next. Virginia suggests testing whether a person can climax by having their breast touched. Bill does not believe her and Virginia allows him to touch her breast to prove it.

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