Haunted Houses
True Detective Season 1 Episode 6
Season 1, Episode 6
General Information
Series True Detective(2014)
Air date 23 Feb. 2014
Written by Nic Pizzolatto
Directed by Cary Fukunaga
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The Secret Fate of All Life After You've Gone
True Detective(2014) episodes

In 2002, Cohle's relationship with Marty splinters. At the same time, Marty's marriage breaks up after he resumes his old habits.

Plot Summary

Marty visits the boys who were caught with his daughter. He offers them a choice: jail time or a beating from him. They choose to get beaten. After taking out his anger on them, Marty vomits outside his car. Meanwhile, Cohle continues his investigation into the missing children by a man named Terry Guidry. He learned that the man's son had been in the Queen of Angels, a school supported by Tuttle Ministries voucher program, before he disappeared.

Hart buys a phone from a woman named Beth. Then he goes to buy a drink where he learns that Beth is the young prostitute at Dora Lange's farm. Beth shows her admiration of Hart by making advances towards him. Eventually they are bed together. In 2012, Hart ends his interview and leaves for his car, angered by the questions about Cohle he'd been asked.

In 2002, Cohle interviews Joel Theriot, the preacher he had meet at the revival in 1995. Theriot tells Cohle that he had been studying at one of the schools supported by the Tuttle Ministries voucher program. One day, he had found a book hiding pictures of naked children in it. He brought the issue towards the school's deacon Austin Farrar. His request for an investigation was denied. Eventually, Theriot leaves the ministry and becomes an alcoholic.

Back in 2012, the detectives bring in Maggie to talk about her former husband.She tells them that one day Marty had returned unexpectedly. While he showered, Maggie looked through his phone and discovered a nude photo of Beth. Though, she does not confront her husband. Instead, she goes to a bar to hook up with a man, but she finds that she is unable to.

Cohle visits a girl named Kelly Reider, one of the girls he found at Ledoux's cabin. Kelly is insitutionalized after witnessing the scarred giant. When Cohle asked about the giant, she screams and Cohle is pushed out. Major Leroy Salter hears about Cohle's visits and demands that Cohle stop his investigation because he and Marty view Cohle's investigation as unfounded. Cohle ignores this order and sees Billy Lee Tuttle. Cohle probes into the deacon who Theriot had gone to with the pictures. Tuttle tells him that Farrar was dismissed for embezzling and had died from a car crash. He instead offers Cohle full access to Wellspring's documents. Once Cohle leaves, Tuttle informs Salter of Cohle's visit. He then suspends Cohle for a month without pay.

Then one night, Maggie appears at Cohle's door. Maggie is crying about her husband's affair. She kisses Cohle and they have sex. Then after having sex, she tells Cohle that she used him to end her marriage with Marty. Furious, Cohle, kicks her out of his apartment. At Marty's home, Maggie tells him that she had cheated on him with Cohle. The next day, Cohle comes to police station for his files, Marty comes out of the station and the two have a fight. Once the fight is ended Cohle quits from the force. In 2012, Maggie omits this fact from the investigators about her moment with Cohle.

In 2012, as Marty drives away from the police station, he spots Cohle in his rear view mirror. Cohle asks if they can have a chat. Marty agrees, but loads his gun just in case.


  • Matthew McConaughey as Detective Rust Cohle
  • Woody Harrelson as Detective Marty Hart
  • Michelle Monaghan as Maggie Hart
  • Michael Potts as Detective Maynard Gilbough
  • Tory Kittles as Detective Thomas Papania
  • Paul Ben-Victor as Major Leroy Salter
  • Jay O. Sanders as Billy Lee Tuttle
  • Lili Simmons as Beth
  • Shea Whigham as Joel Theriot
  • Gabe Begneaud as Drew Ledger
  • Kerry Cahill as Nurse
  • December Ensminger as Kelly Reider
  • J.D. Evermore as Detective Lutz
  • Henry Frost as Steve
  • Dana Gourrier as Cathleen
  • Rio Hackford as Bruce
  • Louis Herthum as Terry Guidry
  • Tony Molina Jr. as Detective
  • Erin Moriarty as Audrey Hart
  • Tom O'Connell as Junior Detective
  • Daniel Ross Owens as William Mayo
  • Azure Parsons as Charmaine Boudreaux
  • Brighton Sharbino as Maisie Hart
  • Don Yesso as Commader Speece
  • Randal Gonzalez as Detective
  • Amanda McElroy as Couple at Fox and Hound
  • Art McElroy as Couple at Fox and Hound
  • Janet Lynn Carey as Nurse
  • Sadarias Harrell as Detective Drew Stephan
  • Peter Mortillaro as Bar Bouncer
  • Andrew j Spinks as Club VIP



Martin Hart: "You know what it is like being your partner? Fuck you."
Rust Cohle: "Well, buddy, without me, there is no you."
Martin Hart: "Getting laid was good for you."
Rust Cohle: "Goddamn you, you moron."
Maggie Hart: "Marty never really knew himself, so he didn’t know what he wanted."

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