The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6
Season 1, Episode 1.6
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 5 Dec 2010
Written by Frank Darabont, Adam Fierro
Directed by Guy Ferland
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Rick and the others must rescue Glenn when he's kidnapped in Atlanta, and the survivors find that the camp may not be as safe as they once thought.

Plot Summary

After that it flashes back and the doors finally open with a white flash and the survivors quickly ran inside the building, as they are soon to encounter a lone CDC doctor, Dr. Jenner who held them at gunpoint with a M4 Carbine who then asks them if they are bitten or not and required a blood sample from the survivors and then locked the doors with voice recognition. They then proceed to the control room where he works and told everyone that there's no cure due to hard work being 'quarantined' in the previous episode and Rick tells him if there is any other person in here and Dr. Jenner introduces them to his friend, a female AI who controls the control room. Later, everyone has dinner and enjoyed themselves with doses of heavy alcohol as a cause of celebration which Glenn reluctantly agrees to drink as Rick then rises a glass to Jenner for saving their lives. Jenner then explained why everyone opted to leave, stating that the doctors here were too worried about their families in which he stayed here because he wanted to do some good for finding a cure.

Jenner showed everyone to their rooms, a place for the kids to play and hot water in which everyone was excited to finally showered with though Shane and Andrea is upset due to staying here. As Dale is walking back to his room after a nice shower, he hears Andrea puking in a toilet and being upset on the ways things are, stating that this doctor shows no glimmer of hope. We then get a shot of Lori finding Carol and her daughter Sophia playing in the lounging area as they leave for bedtime and Lori is browsing through the library. Shane then enters in his still drunken state and angrily tells Lori that it's not his fault that he thought that Rick is presume dead due to not hearing his heart in the hospital at of which he attempted to kiss Lori and was scratched back, Shane flees the room after his own regret. Rick comes in the bedroom with Lori and his son sleeping and assured that everything will be okay seeing that Lori is shaken and upset.

The next morning filled with a hangover of the group, Rick notices that Shane has a small cut on his face in which he assures him that it's nothing. Jenner then enters and tells everyone to come to the control room where he showed a test subject 19 who is infected and he is conducting a experiment for the cure. Jenner explains to everyone about the nervous system when a person is infected and 'second event which is the TS-19 resurrection in which the human part dies out but the bloodstream remains becoming a zombie.

Dale as curious as he is, asks the doctor why there's a countdown clock on the wall, Jenner says that at zero the generators will run out of fuel. Rick, Shane, T-Dog and Glenn then proceeded to the basement to find the generator and the air ducks have been cut off. During that excursion, Jenner is seen holding a picture of his deceased wife, telling her that he did his best and hope that she is proud of him'. The scared survivors then confronted Jenner in the control room and the building is shutting itself down. Also he tells everyone that the French is the last people who tried to invent a cure and stayed at the control room until the 'last man', in which the blasted doors then closed shut as the group of survivors are trapped. Furthermore, he explains that Test subject 19 was his wife as she turned into a zombie and could develop a cure and made a promise to her to stayed here and not let out the dangerous infectious diseases from escaping.

The group then desperately tried to break the blasted door as Jenner tells them that even a rocket launcher cannot destroy the doors, the angry Daryl and Shane tried to kill him but Rick prevented them to do so. Lori finally convinces to Jenner that they will continue on surviving at which Jenner opens the blasted door and said this is the last chance of staying here in 4 minutes, Jenner also whispers something important in Rick's ear. When the survivors try to leave the control room, T-Dog's wife Jacqui wanted to stay here, stating that she scared of becoming one of them like the fates of Jim and Amy, in which Andrea joins her. Dale tries to convinced Andrea to continue on with them but refuses to due so as her sister has died - in the entrance, the doors has been barred and the survivors did their best they can to open it but to no avail the windows are bullet-proofed. Carol then gets a grenade out of her purse as she picked it up from one of the dead soldiers outside and used it to break the windows and hastily back to their cars. As the countdown is nearing the end, Dale finally convinces Andrea to escape with him and Jacqui and Jenner holding hands together - the CDC building then self-destruct, Dale and Andrea rushed to the RV shaken from the tragedy and destruction as the group of survivors leave in a caravan not knowing their fate afterwords.