The Truth
Season 1, Episode 6
General Information
Series Bates Motel (2013)
Air date 22 Apr. 2013
Written by Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin
Directed by Tucker Gates
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Norma tries to cope with the idea that Shelby is part of an Asian sex ring. However, she can't do until because Shelby has Keith's belt. Norm and and Dylan search for the belt in Keith's boat. Meanwhile, Shelby finds Jiao in one of the motel rooms.

Plot Summary

Dylan informs his boss, Gil, of Ethan's death and how he had dealt with the killer. Gil is pleased with how Dylan had taken care of the problem. He then instructs Dylan on how to dispose of the evidence and reassigns him with a new partner. Meanwhile, Norma tries to cope with the new information she had uncovered. She attempts to drive to Shelby's home so he can confirm if he was really involved in an Asian sex ring. Norman gets in the car and stops her from going anywhere. Emma wants them to turn Shelby to the FBI, but Norma knows that if they turn Shelby in, the deputy would let the police or the FBI know about their murder of Keith Summers. Norma convinces Emma to leave after she promises that she would like Jiao testify to the police after a day's rest. Afterward, Norma begins planning on how to get the belt away from Shelby.

Dylan overhears Norma and Norman's plans to steal Keith belt and decides to help them look. He suggests that he and Norman should another look in Keith Summer's boat. Inside Keith's boat, Norman and Dylan find the belt and throw it into the water. Meanwhile, Shelby visits Norma because he wants to have sex with her. While he is having sex with her in one of the motel rooms, he overhears Jiao showering. Shelby begins to investigate the where the sound is coming from. Jiao opens the door and runs away when she sees Shelby. Norman and Dylan return to see a distressed Norma. Suddenly, Shelby reappears and holds them all at gunpoint. He takes Dylan's gun and leads them into the house for a talk.

Shelby and Norman begin arguing in the house while Norman and Dylan watch. Eventually, Shelby begins to get more abusive as the time goes on. The violence towards his mother causes Norman to go into a trance and he attacks Shelby when he is not looking. Shelby drops Dylan's gun during the brawl with Norman and Dylan is able to grab it. Shelby knocks out Normand and engages Dylan in a gun fight. While they fight, Norma tries Norman's body outside and calls the police for help. She then tries to escape with Norman, but she is interrupted when she hears a gunshot and sees Shelby in front of her. Shelby falls to the ground and dies while Dylan rushes out to see them. Dylan proposes that they tell the police the truth about everything, but Norma still refuses not to.

Norma explains why she cannot tell the police the truth. She describes how Sam, her former husband, had really died. One day, Norma and Sam were fighting. Then Sam began to physically abuse her. Norman becomes angry and kills father with a blender. Afterward, he falls into a trance and loses all memory of it Realizing that Norman is unaware of what he had just done, Norma takes her son and put him on the bed. Then she stages the death so that it looked like Sam died of an accident. After finishing her story, she tells Dylan that Normans needs to be protected.



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