All Together Now
Season 1, Episode 7
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 10 Nov. 2013
Written by Tyler Bensinger
Directed by Tim Fywell
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Brave New World Love and Marriage
Masters of Sex episodes

Masters and Johnson join the study as participants. Libby renews treatment.

Plot Summary

Virginia and Bill start participating in the study by having sex with each other. Meanwhile, Libby asks Ethan to start capping her again so she can have children. She is worried that Bill will lose all things in common with her and leave her if she does not have a child. Ethan agrees on the condition that she would start having more sex with Bill regularly to disguise Ethan's intervention. That evening, Libby tries to coax Bill into having sex, but Bill is too tired from having sex with Virginia to have sex with Libby. The next day, Libby asks Virginia to find a way to let Bill out early from work. Virginia confronts Bill with the issue of letting his work interfere with his marriage. She tells him that she won't continue until the issue is resolved. That night, Bill has sex with his wife and tells Virginia that the study will continue.

Meanwhile, Barton Scully is stabbed in the alley while waiting for his prostitute and lover, Dale. Dale rescues him from his attackers and takes him into the hospital. While Barton is trying to stitch himself, he is found by Bill and is stitched by the doctor. Barton returns home to find out that his wife is sleeping with Dr. Austin. Margret's lover leaves the house without Barton knowing his identity. The next morning, Margret yells at Barton for not caring about her. After the incident, Barton tells Dale that they must meet in a hotel from then on. Bill resumes the study with Virginia. One night they are caught by Ethan who notices that there are no subjects in the testing room. Then on another night, Virginia and Bill have another study. Virginia asks to have dinner, but Bill declines because of his obligation to have dinner with Libby.

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