What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Star-trek tos-season1-7
Season 1, Episode 7
General Information
Series Star Trek
Air date October 20, 1966
Written by Robert Bloch
Directed by James Goldstone
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Chapel is reunited with her fiancee when the Enterprise orbits the planet of Exo-III. She soon finds out that her fiancee has changed during their time apart.

Plot Summary

Stardate: 2712.4 Kirk and Chapel on the surface Kirk and Chapel on the surface

The U.S.S. Enterprise hovers around the planet of Exo-III as it searches for any frequency related to Roger Korby. Suddenly, a message from Kolby reaches them. Nurse Christine Chapel, his fiancee who has been searching for him for the last 5 years is able to confirm that the message did come from Kolby. Captain Kirk and Chapel beam down to the planet and enter the underground caverns created the former inhabitants of the planet.

Not finding anyone to greet them at the entrance, Kirk requests two security guards be beamed down. One guard follows Kirk while the other guards the entrance. As Kirk and Chapel traverse the caverns, the meet Brown, a scientist who was working with Korby before he disappears. Brown leads them to a room and they are greeted by an android named Andrea and later by Korby himself. When Kirk tries to communicate with the ship, Brown pulls out his blaster to stop Kirk from leaving. Kirk kills Brown and discovers that he is an android as well. Kirk is captured by another android named Ruk. Korby attackhes Kirk to a machine fashioned after the technology of the former inhabitants of the planet and creates a android clone of Kirk. During the creation of the android's mental processes, Kirk learns that Korby might use the clone to infiltrate the Enterprise. He then begins thinking of a racial slur as Korby is copying his mind onto the android as a way to alert Spock. Kirk holds Korby hostage Kirk holds Korby hostage

Later, Chapel has dinner with Kirk. He asks her if she would betray Korby if she was ordered to,but she affirms that she would never do such a thing. Then the real Kirk comes into the room and the Kirk sitting at the table is revealed to be an android. After the android Kirk leaves Korby tries to convince Kirk to drop him off at a planet so he could create more androids. Kirk instead briefly holds Korby captive and makes an escape. His escape is just as brief when Ruk captures Kirk once again.

Meanwhile, the android Kirk is beamed into the Enterprise to find information on planets suitable for the creation of the androids. When the android Kirk meets Spock, he utters a racial slur and Spock becomes aware that something has gone wrong on the planet. He orders a landing party to follow the Android Kirk after he is beamed down. Kirk kisses Andrea against her will Kirk kisses Andrea against her will

Andrea visits Kirk while he is held in a room. He kisses her passionately. Andrea begins to question her programming and leaves the room. The Ruk enters the room to prevent Kirk from escaping once more. Knowing that he cannot overpower Ruk, Kirk turns him against Korby by suggesting that the humans will try to destory the androids again like the "Old Ones" did. When Andrea returns with Korby, Ruk tries to attack him, but Korby is easily able to dispose of him with a hand phaser.

Kirk makes another attempt at freedom by shutting the door on Korby's hand. The scraps the skin off Korby's hand and it is revealed that he had transferred his soul into an android's body. Korby then detects a presence heading towards the room and orders Andrea to kill whoever it is. She finds the android Kirk and tries to kiss him. The android Kirk denies her because he deems it illogical and she shoots him with a phaser. Andrea and Korby dre Andrea and Korby dre

She then returns to the room to find out that she only had killed the android Kirk. Korby tries to convince Chapel that he is still the same as he was before becoming an android. Kirk asks him to prove that by handing his weapons in. Korby complies with the request. Kirk then asks Andrea to do the same. Andrea becomes confused and she tries to embrace Korby. When she hugs him, he pulls the trigger on her phaser and they both die. Spock and a security team enter the room to find no one but Kirk and Chapel. Kirk tells Spock that Dr. Korby was never on the planet. On the Enterprise, Chapel tells Kirk that she will be staying with the ship permanently. The ship leaves the orbit of Exo-III and Kirk orders the helmsman to resume their main course.

Production Notes

The costumes were designed by William Ware Theiss who had thought of a cross design. During production of the episode, a censorship agent was sent to observe the episode to make sure there was no footage of cleavage on the side Sherry Jackson's costume. During that time, cleavage on the front was allowed, but cleavage on the side was banned from television. Sherry Jackson had to place tape on the sides of her costume to make sure that there was not a costume malfunction.

William Shatner was asked to shave his chest for the scene where his android is created because the director felt that the character would be clean shaven. During the scene, where William Shatner has dinner with his android, a split screen was used so that Shatner appeared to be eating dinner with someone who looked exactly like him.

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