The man in room 9 is stirring up problem for Norma. At school, Emma has spread a rumor that Norman had slept with Bradley. Meanwhile, Dylan goes on a trip with Remo.

Plot Summary

Dylan and Remo are assigned a task to pick up a group of "trimmers." During the trip Remo continually expresses his discontent over how is working under Dylan despite 23 years of experience in the business. This eventually results in a bar fight between Dylan and Remo. Soon after the two make up and Remo explains that he was relegated to his position because he lacked leadership attributes. Later the two pick a group of hippies who are the trimmers. Remo becomes annoyed of one hippie and asks him to shut up. However, the hippie does not listen. Dylan stops the car stops the car and decides to maroon that particular hippie on the road.

While in the bathroom, Emma overhears a few girls talking about how they don't think that Norman had slept with Bradley. Emma gets out of the bathroom stall and corrects. Afterward, word spreads that Norman had slept with Bradley. Eventually Norman catches wind of this gossip when Bradley tells him she is upset that Norman had told Emma about their hook up. Furious with the situation, Norman leaves school while his teacher follows him. However, Norman reacts violently when she grabs him and leaves the school. Meanwhile, Norma get new that the bypass construction is starting in July. She contacts Sheriff Romero so he can sponsor her for the empty seat on the city planning committee. Sheriff Alex rejects her request even when she mentions that they know things about each other. He then implies that he would kill her if she did have something on him. He then advises her to leave his office.

Shortly after, Norma receives a phone call from the school telling her about how Norma had left school. When she meets with the teacher and principal, they recommend that Norman should see a therapist for his emotional instability. Norma takes Norman to a therapist and they have an evaluation. At the end, the therapist asks to see Norman alone next time. When Norma protests this idea, he advises that she should see a therapist for her control issues over Norman. Norma tries to affirm herself that she is in control and leaves in anger. At Ian Will Norman gets his dog stuffed and learns a few things about the trade. Emma comes in after the dog is finished being stuffed. Emma explains why had leaked out the gossip and apologizes to Norman. Likewise, Norman apologizes for being mad and they hug.

At night, Norma spots Jake leaving the motel and she tails him in her car. she watches as he enters a boat and then leaves it. Jake is able to see right through her hiding place and approaches her. He asks her "where is it?" Norma insists that she does not know what he is talking about. However, Jake insists that he will not give until he gets it back. He adds that Norma will remember it when she thinks about it and Norma runs away after these words. The next, day, Norma evicts Jake and gives him his money back. Jake threatens that he knows all about Norma and Shelby. Norma tells him that there was nothing between them threatens to call the police if he does not leave in 5 minutes. Ultimately Jake leaves the motel, but not without making a warning that he's willing to play games if she is. Dylan returns and brings 7 people working for his boss who need rooms for 2 weeks. Since Norman is staying the night at Emma's, Norma invites Dylan to dinner. She runs upstairs to dress and is shocked to find Shelby's dead body.

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