Beloved Infidel
Frasier 1.8 Beloved Infidel
Season 1, Episode 8
General Information
Series Frasier
Air date 4 Nov 1993
Written by Leslie Eberhard
Directed by Andy Ackerman
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Call Me Irresponsible Selling Out
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Plot Summary

While dining out Frasier and Niles stealthily spot Martin talking to Marion Lawlor at a nearby table. A woman that neither of them have seen since their childhoods. The Cranes and Lawlors had a big falling out all those years ago so they are surprised and mystified to see her now. Niles can't resist digging through old journals and photos to try and figure out what is going on. He and Frasier begin to suspect that Martin had an affair with her back then. They challenge him about it the next day and he admits to having the affair but also insists that they never bring it up again. Frasier later bumps into Marion unexpectedly when she comes to the apartment and he inadvertently learns the truth.

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