Love and marriage
Season 1, Episode 8
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 17 Nov. 2013
Written by Tyler Bensinger, Michael Cunningham
Directed by Michael Apted
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All Together Now Involuntary
Masters of Sex episodes

Masters and Johnson enlist outside help. Scully battles his sexual desires.

Plot Summary

At a train station, Margret breaks up with Austin because she does not want to keep secrets anymore. Later, Ethan asks Austin to help him pick out a ring for his proposal. At the jeweler's store, Austin picks out a ring. He then has sex with the store clerk in the back room later. Then he asks Virginia to be let into the study. This time, he is less discriminate about who he wants to have sex with.In the cafeteria, Ethan tries to keep his proposal a surprise, but Vivian figures out that he is proposing to her anyway. She enthusiastically says yes. Meanwhile, Margret has a drink in the bar. She happens to meet Dale and befriends him briefly. Barton walks into the bar and Margret infers that Barton is there to see Dale. Margret leaves, but not before implying that she knows about their relationship. Barton follows her and admits that he has been seeing prostitutes.

Later, Barton asks Margret to go see a movie with him. At the drive-in movie theater, Barton tries to get closer to Margret but she rejects him. On a different night, Barton meets Bill in the parking lot to ask him if there is anything he can do to make him straight again. Bill suggests a therapy that will make homosexuality repulsive to him if he does it during sex. Barton asks Dale to do this therapy with him. Dale turns him down even when Barton offers three times the usual amount of payment. At the hospital, Virginia asks Dr. DePaul if she can place out of her class. Offended, DePaul declines her request. However, at her class, Virginia proves that she is heads and heels above the rest of the students. When Virginia isn't taking DePaul's classes, she is helping Bill prepare for his presentation.

Bored by the Bill's draft of his presentation she suggests that Bill prepare a home video of the of the vagina to make it more interesting. Bill contacts Lester to convert Ulysses into a camera. When Lester tests the equipment, he is shocked but powers on. Though they are successful, Bill is dissatisfied that Virginia has been missing his study due to DePaul's class. Reaching DePaul, he asks her to keep Virginia from putting her classes ahead of his study in exchange for his support of her Pap Smear campaign.At Bill's home, Libby befriends a handyman when she calls him over to clean her gutters. After learning that he likes to dance too, she pays him to teach her to dance. One evening, she collapses and he takes her to a hospital. There, she learns that she is pregnant.

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