Season 1, Episode 9
General Information
Series Masters of Sex
Air date 24 Nov. 2013
Written by Noelle Valdivia
Directed by Jennifer Getzinger
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Love and Marriage Fallout
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Haas and Vivian's wedding plans get sidetracked. Libby keeps a secret.

Plot Summary

While Ethan and Vivian are picking out wedding cakes, Ethan shocks Vivian by telling her that he is a Jew. Uncomfortable with this fact, Vivian pressures Ethan to become a christian. Ethan agrees to this because he does not really practice his religion. However, he soon finds that he wants to keep his religion. With a heavy heart, he tells Vivian that he can't get marry her if she can't accept him this way. At Dr. Masters' home, Bill's mother, Estabrook Masters, finds out that Libby is pregnant. Afraid of what Bill might say, Libby tells Estabrook to keep the pregnancy a secret. Meanwhile, Bill and Libby are looking to film involuntary body spasms for the study. They contact Lester and Jane for the video. Jane agrees to be the subject only after a contract is made to protect her anonymity.

Outside of the study, Virginia forms to study group with other students in Dr. DePaul's class. They agree to meet her for a study session after class. Though, Virginia is unable to make it since Estabrook visits Bill after she is told by Bill what the topic of the study is. The dinner with Estabrook makes Virginia miss the study session. Bill goes home and finds out that Libby is having another baby and she went behind his back to do a capping surgery. The next day, Jane changes her mind about video and asks Virginia to destroy the video she made. At the cafeteria, Virginia gets advice from Depaul, telling her that she should focus on the work because that is all that endures. Virginia then agrees to be the subject of the video. Bill shoots her while masturbating and takes footage of her face with Virginia's consent.

The next day, Estabrook comes into his office and tells Bill that she knows there is something going on between Virginia and Bill. She urges him to speak more to Libby. Feeling guilty for his sessions with Virginia, Bill attempts to pay Virginia for what she did in the study. Virginia is upset by this and cries in her car. Bill is then seen watching Virginia's video. He sees her smiling in the footage.

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