Season 1, Episode 9
General Information
Series Bates Motel (2013)
Air date 13 May 2013
Written by Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin
Directed by Tucker Gates
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Norma finds out that she cannot get a refund for the motel, but this is the least of her problems. Jake continues to harass her, but she is unable to get help from the Sheriff. Dylan fulfills a favor for Bradley who wants to see her father's office.

Plot Summary

Bradley asks Dylan for a chance to go into her dad's office at Gil's dry docks so she could pick up a few of her dad's things. Then Dylan tries to talk to Gil about the matter, but Gil becomes furious when Bradley's father is brought up. However, Dylan is given the office; so he asks Bradley if she would accept her father's thing if Dylan gives them to her. Bradley reveals that she had really wanted to see her father's desk to see if it was the same as it were before he had died. Touched by her reason, Dylan allows her to enter the office even if his boss does not allow it. Under the cover of night, they sneak in and are caught by Remo. After Remo recognizes Dylan, he lets them into the office. Bradley goes through her father's letters and notices that he had received love letters from a woman she had never met. Bradley cries from this revelation while Dylan comforts her.

At school, Norman is praised by his teacher for his grades and for a story he had written; his teacher even recommends that he should publish it. They then spend some time after school to make edits to the story so that it can be published. These things convince Norman that the family should stay in White Pine Bay. However, Norma has other plans for the two.After, Sheriff Alex had removed the body, she plans to restart their lives once again by moving somewhere else. When Norman hears about the plans to move, he becomes angry and calls his mother crazy. Afterward, he apologizes, but the two are interrupted by Emma who is high after eating a marijuana cupcake given by one of the hippies. Later, Norman changes his mind about publishing because he believes his mother would not approve. His teacher suggests publishing it without his mother's knowledge.

To get the money, Norma puts her house on sale using the realtor who sold her the house. At the same time Norma is dealing with the constant harassment and stalking from Jake. When she receives flowers, Sheriff Alex promises to send a patrol around their house. Later, Norma learns that the realtor is unable to sell the house because the town believes that the motel has a bad aura due to it being the place that Deputy Shelby had died at. When Norma walks out of the realtor's office and gets in her car, she is held at gunpoint by Jake. He tells her that he is done being polite and demands that Norma returns the thing he is looking for. He explains that Shelby had owed him $150,000 from the last batch of girls he sold and he believes that Norma has the money. He then demands that she should give him the money on the pier the next night.


  • Vera Farmiga as Norma Louise Bates
  • Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates
  • Max Thieriot as Dylan Massett
  • Olivia Cooke as Emma Decody
  • Nicola Peltz as Bradley Martin
  • Jere Burns as Jake Abernathy
  • Nestor Carbonell as Alex Romero
  • Vincent Gale as Gil
  • Ian Tracey as Remo Wallace
  • Keegan Connor Tracy as Miss Watson
  • Alexander Calvert as Ra'uf
  • Keenan Tracey as Gunner
  • Matt Ellis as Danny
  • Mercedes de la Zerda as Summer
  • Matthew MacCaull as Matt Brownstein
  • Dustin Schwartz as Flower Delivery Guy
  • Farrah Aviva as Receptionist
  • Jenna Romanin as Jenna


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