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100 Ways to Murder Your Wife
100 Ways to Murder Your Wife
Directed By Kenny Bee
Screenplay By Alex Law
Cast Kenny Bee, Chow Yun-fat, Anita Mui, Joey Wong
Produced By Wong Jing
Film Editing By Ma Chung Yin, Chiu Cheuk Man, Siu Fung
Cinematography By Jimmy Leung
Music By Kenny Bee, Alan Tsui, So Chan Hung

Go Go Film Production, Golden Harvest


Hong Kong



Release Date

June 5, 1986


92 Minutes

Distributed By

Golden Harvest



  • Kenny Bee as Roberto
  • Anita Mui as Anita
  • Chow Yun-fat as Football Fa
  • Joey Wong as Wong Siu Yin
  • Wong Jing as Mr. Wong
  • Eric Yeung as George
  • Bennett Pang as Bomb Seller
  • Anthony Chan as Chan Chi To
  • Siu Woon Ching as Tsui Ching Ching
  • Wu Ma as Bathroom Attendant
  • Angela Chan as Anita's Neighbor
  • Angela Leung as Anita's Neighbor
  • Sandy Lamb as Anita's Neighbor



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