18 Miles Out
File:The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9.jpg
Season 2, Episode 2.10
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 19 Feb 2012
Written by David Leslie Johnson
Directed by Bill Gierhart
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Triggerfinger Judge, Jury, Executioner
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Rick and Shane are in conflict over the fate of an outsider; Andrea helps Hershel's daughter face a crucial decision.

Plot Summary

Rick and Shane drive outside the farm to find a place to drop Randall. Rick stops the car and confronts Shane about some underlying issues. He tells Shane that he knows about what happened to Otis and Shane's relationship with Lori. He then reaffirms that Carl, Lori and the unborn child are his and Shane will have to deal with that fact. They continue on to a public works station 18 miles outside the farm and leave Randall. Conflict arises when Randall mentions that he knew Maggie and where she lived. Shane and Rick argue over whether to kill Randall or take him back to the farm. Soon things they come to blows and Shane throws a wrench at Rick, alerting the nearby walkers to their location. Rick hides underneath a dead walker he killed while Shane barricades himself in a bus.

After escaping the clutches of some attacking walkers, Rick and Randall leave the public station. When he sees the two dead policemen, Rick returns with the SUV. Shane leaves the bus through the emergency exit and is picked by Rick and the leave the station. On the road, Randall is placed into the trunk again. He tells Shane that he is likely going to kill Randall, but is going think over it the night. He reminds Shane that Lori, Carl and the unborn child are his; then he gives Shane his gun back. Back at the house, a recently recovered Beth is given food by Lori. When Lori takes the food away, she realizes Beth had kept the knife and is contemplating suicide. As Maggie scolds Beth for her attempted suicide, Lori and Andrea argue over if Beth has a right to choose suicide. Andrea argues that Beth has a right to a choice and that has to make that choice on her own.

In Beth's room, she tries to convince her sister to commit suicide with her. Andrea enters the room and offers to watch Beth while Maggie gets some time to breathe. When Maggie leaves, Andrea tells Beth that the pain does not go away and that she only makes room for it Then she leaves as well. Alone, Beth smashes the mirror and cuts her wrist. Lori learns that Andrea was watching Beth and breaks into her room to find Beth's wrist bleeding. Andrea confirms that Beth did not make a lethal cut and has decided to live. Maggie becomes infuriated and forbids Andrea from stepping foot in the house.

Differences from the Source Material

  • In the TV series, Maggie is seen scolding her sister for attempting suicide. Ironically, in the comic series, Maggie attempts suicide after her remaining family is killed.

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