Hannibal Season 2 Episode 10
Season 2, Episode 10
General Information
Series Hannibal (2013)
Air date 2 May 2014
Written by Steve Lightfoot, Kai Wu, Steve Lightfoot
Directed by Vincenzo Natali
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Shiizakana Ko No Mono
Hannibal (2013) episodes

Will Graham descents towards a darker path; Freddie Lounds questions the innocence of Will and Hannibal.

Plot Summary

Will relives how he killed Randall. Remembering how he killed Randall with his bare hands, he tells Hannibal that doing it made him feel alive. Hannibal tells him that he should repay Randall. The next day, Jack finds head and limbs attached to the fossil of a cave bear in the museum. Will examines the remains and describes his emotions he had felt while killing Randall, thought Jack does not know he had done it.

Freddie contacts Will to interview him for her book. She tells him that she suspects Hannibal may be the killer, but Will denies it. The interviews raises Freddie's suspicions that Will might be working with Hannibal. Meanwhile, Margot is scolded by Hannibal for not killing he brother already, telling her that she still loves her brother. At her brother's barn, Mason Verger shows her his new pigs. He then takes a man shaped pig in Margot's suit and feeds it to his pigs. Margot goes to Will's home to seek comfort. She shows him the scars her brother had given her and then they have sex. During sex, Will begins imagining Alana and the Wendingo.

Hannibal visits Mason Verger on Mason's request. After visiting Mason, Hannibal takes one of the pigs as a gift. He turns the pig into a meal and invites Will and Alana for dinner. Alana reveals that Freddie has spoken to her about her suspicions that Hannibal and Will might be serial killers. After dinner, Hannibal waits in Freddie's home to kill her now that she is close to the truth. Meanwhile, Freddie breaks into Will's shed. She finds Randall's fossil outfit and his body parts in a cooler. Will appears and tries to calm her so he can explain the situation. Freddie runs away and attempts to escape in a car. Will breaks the car window and drags her into the shed. Freddie's disappearance is noticed by Jack and the FBI. Will is questioned since Freddie was seen near his home. Will pretends that he knows nothing. Later, he gives Hannibal a slab of meat and asks him to cook it. Hannibal cooks the meat and they have dinner.After discerning that it is not pork, Hannibal asks Will what kind of meat it is. Will answers that it is a "long pig."


  • Hugh Dancy as Will Graham
  • Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter
  • Caroline Dhavernas as Dr. Alana Bloom
  • Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford
  • Michael Pitt as Mason Verger
  • Katharine Isabelle as Margot Verger
  • Lara Jean Chorostecki as Freddie Lounds
  • Mark O'Brien as Randall Tier
  • Daniel Kash as Carlo


  • "Naka-Choko" is a word for another plate cleanser such as an acidic soup. The title of this episode likely is referring to the last meal that Will and Hannibal share.


Hannibal Lector: "Most of what we do, most of what we believe is motivated by death."
Will Graham: "My story with the Chesapeake Ripper already has an ending, Freddie."
Freddie Lounds: "Mine doesn't. Do you really think Dr. Chilton killed Abigail Hobbs? I don't. Even if I let this story go, I will never let that go."
Will Graham: "Trust me, Freddie. Neither will I."
Alana Bloom: "Will understands that Hannibal can help him."
Freddie Lounds: "Maybe Will understands is that if you can't Hannibal Lector, join him."
Will Graham: "Someone with no boundaries is a psychopath...or a journalist."

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