What Lies Ahead
Season 1, Episode 2.1
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 16 Oct 2011
Written by Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore
Directed by Charlie Adlard
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TS-19 Bloodletting
The Walking Dead episodes

Rick leads the group out of Atlanta; the group is stopped by a threat unlike anything they have seen before; the search for someone who has gone missing.

Plot Summary

The group of survivors decide that they must head to Fort Benning. On their journey the fort, a ruin of cars block their path. To add to their troubles, the RV breaks down and they are forced to make a stop. They take this time to resupply themselves by scavenging from the cars. Suddenly, a herd of walkers appear and the group is forced to hide under the cars. T- Dog does not follow suit with the others and accidentally cuts his arm. He survives the horde of walkers with the help of Dale who puts a dead body on top of him. After most of the herd passes, Sophia is found by two walkers. She runs away into the woods while the walkers give chase. Rick catches up to Sophia and tells her to stay in one place while he deals with the walkers. While Rick dispatches the walkers, Sophia runs away from her hiding spot.

Rick returns to the spot and finds Sophia missing. He then orders Shane to go back to calm the others while he and Daryl search for Sophia. It is not long before Rick and Daryl find a wandering walker. After they kill it, they find that the walker has recently eaten and are forced dissect it to see if had eaten Sophia. Fortunately, the walker had only eaten a chipmunk. Meanwhile, Lori learns that Shane is getting ready to depart from the group so he can stay away from Lori and her family. The next day, Rick and the other set out to search for Sophia with the weapons that Carl had found in one of the cars. Andrea has a fight with Dale when he withholds her gun. Andrea stresses that she is not going to kill herself when she gets the gun. She then blames him for taking away her choice die in the explosion instead of being mauled by walkers.

In the woods, the group hears church bells and head for the sound. They find that the church has no bell, an automatic system that played a recording of church bells ringing at certain times.The group takes another break and Lori takes time to talk to Shane about his decision. Andrea overhears Shane talking about leaving and asks him to take her with him. However, he rejects her request since he believes she will be a liability. Rick notices that the group is getting fatigued and decides to split search the woods with Shane; Later, Carl tags along with them. Before going into the woods, Rick prays and asks Jesus for a sign. Then he heads to the woods with his son and Shane. As they search for Sophia, Rick spots a deer and allows his son to touch it. Then out of nowhere, Carl is hit by a bullet that had passed through the deer.

Sources from the Source Material

  • Sophia is never lost in the comic book series. Because Sophia is not lost, Rick and the others go into the woods instead to hunt for food.

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