Season 1, Episode 2.2
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 23 Oct 2011
Written by Frank Darabont
Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson
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What Lies Ahead Save The Last One
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Plot Summary

The hunter who had accidentally shot Carl shows Rick the way to a farm where a man named Hershel could give the boy medical treatment. Since Rick has the same blood type as Carl he is forced to stay there to supply Carl with blood. Hershel is able to remove one of the six bullet fragments with great difficulty. Unfortunately for Carl, one of the fragments had struck a blood vessel and is causing internal bleeding. Hershel regretfully tells Rick that he can't remove the remaining fragments with Carl wake; Hershel would need a respirator and some anesthesia for the surgery to take place. Otis remembers that there is a high school nearby with the medical supplies. He and Shane then volunteer to get the supplies. Maggie, one of Hershel's daughter also gets on her horse and rides out pick up Lori.

In the woods, Maggie hears Andrea's screams and is able to arrive in time to stop a walker from mauling Andrea. Maggie picks up Lori and she gives the others instructions on how to get to the farm. Glenn and the other head back to the highway to report what had happened. They decide to leave supplies in case Sophia makes it back to the highway. Glenn is tasked with bringing T-Dog, whose condition is worsening due to the blood poisoning from his cut, to the farm. The others decide to stay at the RV. Lori arrives at the farm and is at her son's side immediately. With Lori there, Rick wants to help Shane, but Lori stops him. At the high school, Shane and Otis re able to get the medical supplies in the trailer outside the school. However, when they leave the trailer, they are chased by walkers into the school itself.

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