Hannibal Season 2 Episode 2
Season 2, Episode 1
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Series Hannibal(2013)
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Written by Jeff Vlaming, Bryan Fuller
Directed by Tim Hunter
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Kaiseki Hassun
Hannibal(2013) episodes

The FBI require Will's help again to track down the killer of Roland Umber. Hannibal's therapist, Bedelia Du Maurier, ends her relationship with Hannibal.

Plot Summary

Roland awakens in a corn silo filled with bodies. Roland breaks himself free from the stitching and makes an escape. His captor chases after him, but Roland is able to get some distance between him and his killer. He jumps into the river only die by hitting his head on a rock.

Alana and Hannibal visit Will to offer their help once more. Will breaks down and accepts their help. When he is taken back to his cell, he resumes his composure, indicting that he was faking. In the crime lab, the FBI examine the body of Roland. When the FBI are stumped, Beverly presents Will's insight about the killer choosing a color palate of skin as her own idea. Jack and Hannibal recognize that she took the idea from Will. Jack takes her into his office where he scolds her. Though, he ultimately gives her permission to ask for Will's help. Beverly returns to Will for more help. This time, Will asks her to reexamine his case from the start in exchange for his help. She agrees and Will looks at Roland's photos. Will concludes that Roland was not discarded by the killer, but had escaped. He tells Beverly that the killer might be nearby.

Meanwhile, Hannibal sniffs the body of Roland and smells corn. Hannibal leaves to visit a corn silio. At the top of the silio, he peers down below to find bodies arranged in the shape of an eye. The killer comes into the silo and Hannibal greets him. Hannibal then sews the man into the mural. The FBI find corn residue and trace it back to the silo. They are perplexed by the body in the city because it does not match the surrounding bodies and it has a leg missing. At that moment, Hannibal is preparing the leg for a meal. Beverly and Hannibal take the photos of the mural to Will. There, Will concludes that the killer is at the center of the mural and that killer's helper had taken the leg as a reward.

Hannibal's psychiatrist, Bedelia Du Maurier visits Hannibal to end their patient-therapist relationship because she is terrified of him. She later visits Will in jail to tell him that she believes he is right before withdrawing from all social ties. At night, Hannibal comes into Bedelia's home in his clear plastic suit to kill her. Instead, he finds that she has already left.


  • Hugh Dancy as Will Graham
  • Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter
  • Caroline Dhavernas as Dr. Alana Bloom
  • Hettienne Park as Beverly Katz
  • Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford
  • Scott Thompson as Jimmy Price
  • Aaron Abrams as Brian Zeller
  • Gillian Anderson as Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier
  • Cynthia Nixon as Kade Prurnell
  • Martin Donovan as Crawford's Therapist
  • Ryan Field as Roland Umber
  • Patrick Garrow as James Gray
  • Ted Ludzik as Nurse
  • Christina Schimmel as Victim #1 (uncredited)


  • "Sakizuki" is the first meal of kaiseki meal. Symbolically, the meal is meant to be shared with a god.
  • The "Kade Purnell" character is an anagram of the "Paul Krendler" character who appeared in movie Silence of the Lambs. The writers had wanted to use the "Paul Krendler" character, but they did not have the rights to material used in the Silence of the Lambs movie. They had originally changed the character's gender to "Paula Krendler." However, the name was too close to the original character. So, the writers decided to use a different character name and to tweak the character's traits to their own purposes.


Bedelia Du Maurier: [To Hannibal Lector] "I had to draw a conclusion based what on I what i glimpsed through the stitching of the persons that you wear and the conclusion that I have drawn is that you are dangerous."
Hannibal Lector: "I'm resuming Will Graham's therapy."
Kade Prurnell: "To what end, besides your own?"
Hannibal Lector: "He asked for my help."
Kade Prurnell: "Then maybe you deserve each other."
Hannibal Lector: "Fascinating insight, Miss Katz. It's as if Will Graham were here in the room."
Jack Crawford: "If he's delusional, it's because I made him that way. If he's a psychopath, it's because everything in my gut is wrong."
Beverly Katz: "You think he is innocent."
Jack Crawdord: "I don't know what to think."
Beverly Katz: "I think he still wants to save lives."
Hannibal Lector: "Hello. I love your work."
Jack Crawford: "When I look at my friend, I see a killer. I'm failing to reconcile those two things."
Hannibal Lector: "Killing must feel good to God too. And are we not created in his image?"
Hannibal Lector: "When your great eye looked to the heaven, what did it see?"
James Grey: "Nothing."
Hannibal Lector: "Not anymore."
James Grey: "There is no God."
Hannibal Lector: "Certainly not with that attitude. God gave us purpose. Not only to create art but to become it."
Kade Prurnell: "I'm trying to save your life."
Will Graham: "I guess I have to save my own life."
Bedelia Du Maurier:"You can survive this happening to you."
Will Graham:"Happening to me?"
Bedelia Du Maurier:"I believe you."

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